Try Not To Be Jealous Of The Most Expensive Things That Celebrities Own

Celebrities are known for their love for expensive things, from lavish homes to the most luxurious cars. You name it; they have it. This can be their way of showing off their statuses and wealth. Sure, they have the most significant bank accounts, purchasing the most expensive things you know, but is it still worth the money? Do they even listen to their financial advisor when they spend thousands, if not millions, to buy something?

They can easily afford the priciest car, the most expensive jewelry, or the most costly prized possession you can think of. They can even make it their collection without worrying if they still have something to buy their needs. For the highest-paid celebrity, it is no problem at all.

So, we, the average Joes, will just sit here, drop our jaws, and be in awe knowing Mariah Carey’s engagement ring is $10 million, and Game’s remote control car is diamond-studded.

Take a look at this list that reveals the most expensive things that our favorite celebrities own. Try not to cry out of jealousy!

The Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Ring | ?Mariah Carey | $10 million

Yup, you’ve read that right. Mariah Carey has an engagement ring worth $10 million, given by her former fiancé, James Packer. Created by Wilfredo Rosado, the ring has 35 carats of emerald-cut diamond. Although the former couple called off their engagement, the Songbird Supreme managed to keep this expensive band.

However, according to reports, the ring in question was part of the financial settlement Carey made with the media mogul after splitting in 2017. The singer’s publicist revealed her client had been very vocal about her intention to move on and live her life surrounded by positivity. She’s ready to leave all of her emotional and material baggage behind, including the expensive engagement ring, so she put it on the market. Rumors had it the ring was sold for only $2.1 million, a significant investment for the new owner.

The Most Expensive Car: Ferrari 250 GTO | Nick Mason | $25 million

Today, most celebrities will opt for the most expensive and latest sports car there is, but not Nick Mason. The Pink Floyd drummer chose to have a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO worth $25 million, which is considered the most expensive Ferrari of all time. This vehicle is the most desired Ferrari in the world because of its iconic design and high-performance capabilities.

Mason is just one of?the 39 people who own a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO. Upon this car’s release in between 1962 and 1964, it only cost £6,000. He bought his car for £37,000 in 1997, using the money he earned from his band’s?The Dark Side of the Moon’s album sales. Although some mocked him for making an investment this big for a car, he turned down a $30-million offer for it.

The Most Expensive Diamond Studded Remote Control Car ?| Game | $100K

They say there’s nothing a parent won’t do for their child, so Game spent about $100,000 to make his son’s remote control car diamond-studded. The rapper didn’t mind throwing a considerable amount of money for his child. Although some will undoubtedly question his move, it’s his own and hard-earned money after all.

Game had the help of the famed jeweler Richie Nektalov to put a whopping 150 karats of diamonds in his son’s remote control Bentley GT. Now, the remote control is even more expensive than the car itself. In defense of what he did, Game explained his child’s?college tuition and trust fundsare all paid up, so he will never end up opting for a student loan, and haters don’t have to worry.

The Most Expensive Yacht: Eclipse | Roman Abramovich ?| $590 million

The yacht is the most expensive vessel in the world. In fact, it is a sign of wealth and luxury if a person owns one. But did you know how much is the most expensive yacht and who owns it? Well, Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich possesses the most extravagant yacht that you can ever find with a staggering price tag of $590 million.

Also known as M/Y Eclipse, it is a luxury motor superyacht. It may not only be Abramovich’s prized possession but also one of his most lavish investments. Anyhow, he also owns the Chelsea F.C., Premier League football club. With a yacht like this, you can expect that its maintenance also costs a high price. Abramovich has to spend a whopping?$65 million a year?to keep Eclipse in perfect working condition to bring him wherever he wants to go.

The Most Expensive Diamond Grills | Birdman | $500,000

Bryan Williams, or the rapper Birdman, is famously known for unmindfully spending his money on a lot of flashy things. This includes his grill, which is considered the most expensive dental work globally, costing him half a million dollars. As we can see from the picture, all teeth are featured with a perfect circle in the middle which inlaid diamonds. His fronts are made of an all diamond-platinum that shines even from afar.

Although he already sold his golds, his?teeth are still blinging, credits to the new diamonds he encrusted his pearly whites with. This thing may not be new for someone who is behind the success of Cash Money Records. He has been in the business for decades and has established himself as a wealthy rapper who can spend his cash on anything, doing things extravagant like this.

The Most Expensive House | Bill Gates’ magnificent compound in Medina, WA | over $131 million

Bill Gates is still the second wealthiest man in the world with a net worth of $105.6 billion, so you can expect him to have the most lavish things. With his wealth, it is only fitting that he also lives in one of the most expensive houses in the world, the Medina compound in Washington State. Also called Xanadu 2.0, the Medina compound has a?price tag of $131 million.

As a house owned by a tech genius, it is equipped with a lot of high tech facilities. Guests can control the lighting and temperature with a unique pin connected to the electricity. There is also an impressive artwork displayed on the walls that can be changed at the touch of a button. It also has seven beds, 18 baths, six kitchens, and every lavish feature you can think of.

The Most Expensive Footwear ?| Rita Hayworth’s Heels ?| $ 3 Million

Did you know that there’s a pair of shoes that cost a whopping $3 million? Yep, it’s open-toed heels owned by Rita Hayworth designed by Stuart Weitzman. She donned this pair in the movie?The Shawshank Redemption?poster, led by Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman. This pair of shoes has held a lead in decadent footwear for years with its mature look and color. So, why do you think these heels are so expensive?

Well, it features multiple artworks and has rubies, diamonds, and sapphires. It is also made with rust-colored satin and has a satin ruffle at the toe. But no matter how expensive this is, Hayworth never puts it on sale. Now, this pair is owned by Hayworth’s daughter, Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, to his former husband, Aly Khan. It is a hand down that is definitely worth keeping.

The Most Expensive Watch | Floyd Mayweather’s Jacob & Co Billionaire | $18 Million

Floyd Mayweather is known for his love of great things and splashing money on anything he likes. With a net worth of $450 Million, he owns a lot of expensive things, like one of the most costly watches there is – the Jacob & Co Billionaire worth $18 million. Well, receiving the credits for being undefeated 50 times, he has all the right in the world to gift himself.

As he is fond of diamonds, he opts to have?The Billionaire, the watch’s name, to be part of his collection. It is an 18k white gold set with 260 carats of white diamonds all over. This piece can be considered a piece of jewelry than a watch, honestly. Mayweather proudly showed this watch in a post on?Instagram, revealing he bought it from the world’s best jeweler, Tadashi 1980.

The Most Expensive Gold Leggings | Beyonce’s gold leggings | $100,000

No average person will spend $100,000 for a single piece of leggings. But if you’re Beyonce, you will surely do so. With a huge net worth to her name, Queen Bey can easily afford this garment. However, it’s never shy from controversy. Some question this purchase of Jay-Z’s wife, saying it’s outrageous. Some even wonder how big the dry cleaning bill can be for such a pair of leggings. Well, clearly our diva doesn’t give a damn.

Beyonce donned these expensive leggings, which were made of gold, by the way, during the breakout of her solo career. At the time, it was the release of her?B’Day?album, on her way to becoming of the wealthiest performers in the music scene.?Made by Balenciaga, this piece is truly worth the investment. In fact, she wore it again at the 2007 BET Awards for another nerve-cracking live performance.

The Most Expensive Pet | Nicolas Cage’s Octopus | $150,000

Did you ever think of buying an octopus as a pet? Indeed, you haven’t, especially if it’s worth $150,000. The 56-year-old actor is known for being fond of strange things; one of them is owning an octopus. Mind you, this is just one of the exotic pets that Cage has. Octopi are known for being anti-social. It is also?possibly poisonous. However, Cage declared that this Octopus helped kindle his financial ideas.

If you’re planning to make this as a pet, well, you won’t have a chance to touch it, or it will spray you with its ink. Despite the weirdness of it, Cage gives his exotic animals credit for helping him with his acting skills. When he was only 22 years old, his?Los Angeles Times profile?revealed he’s interested in marine animals. In fact, he also had two large aquariums with a lot of sea creatures.

The Most Expensive Comic book collection ?| ?Nicolas Cage ?| ?$1.6 Million

Nicolas Cage is also fond of superhero and comic books, no wonder he has an extensive book collection worth a whopping $1.6 million. Sure, it is enormous investment money for a collection, but if this makes him happy, who are we to judge? These things bring the iconic star some joy, so he started the collection. He even used a superhero name for himself and his kid.

Part of his collection is the?unique and rare comic books, like the Action Comics No. 1 from 1983, which marked Superman’s debut. However, this one, along with Detective Comics No. 27 and No. 14, was stolen in 2000 because of its rarity. He didn’t want his house to be a thief magnet, so he put his collection for auction. Although some people say that he sold his collections just to save financial problems.

The Most Expensive Bathtub | Mike Tyson’s Solid gold bathtub | ?$2.2 Million

Crazy celebrity purchases have coined the saying, “to have more money than sense.” Indeed, you can say this when you learned Mike Tyson bought a bathtub worth a whopping $2.2 million. Credits to his purchase, it is made of 24-karat?solid gold, thus the huge price. He bought this piece when he was still at the peak of his career because porcelain is too mainstream.?This gold bathtub was a gift for Tyson’s wife at that time.

Also known as the?Baddest Man on the Planet, Tyson’s 21-year long successful career allowed him to buy anything he wanted and could afford. He had 50 wins and only six defeats. As he used to have $400 million net worth, belts and recognitions were not the only things he had. He also had an 18-karat gold dial worth $4.245 million and a gold chain worth $173,706.

The Most Expensive Dog House | Andy Ramus’ Designed Dog House | $417,000

Will you spend $417,000 for a dog house? For Andy Ramus, there’s a simple answer to that – yes! The design studio director spent over?$400,000 to build a dog house, which is considered the most expensive in the world. Just like a real home, it has luxurious features and amenities. It contains two bedrooms, a day louge and a spa bath.

This one also needs electricity because of temperature-controlled beds, plasma TV, dog vision cameras, and a retina scanner. A pair of Great Danes can also fit here and enjoy their own beds. Of course, they can freely enjoy their filtered water and there will always be dry food available. It also comes with large windows that will give them a good view of the backyard. By the way, it also has a state of the art sound and entertainment system worth £150,000.

The Most Expensive Hair Extensions | Miley Cyrus | $24,000

After Miley Cyrus chopped her hair and removed her hair extensions when she was just 17 years old, she once again decided to buy one and it was a huge investment for a wig. The controversial pop star spent a whopping?$24,000 for new hair extensions?from the uber-expensive Gemini 14 salon in New York City. So, what made this extension very pricey?

Well, aside from the fact that she asked to have the best hair extension possible, she had it dyed so that it could match the color of her natural hair. She wanted it to look as natural as possible as if she’s not wearing any extensions at all. But what made it more expensive was it came from Italy and had it done by the famed hairstylist Kristina Barricelli, who is known as the vice president of Suitstudio.

The Most Expensive Piano | Marilyn Monroe’s Baby Grand Piano | $662,500

Pianos don’t only get the credit for being a musical instrument; it can also be a good centerpiece that makes the house look livelier and classier. You can find it at the bars and lounges – even hotels have it. But did you know who owns the most expensive baby grand piano? This one will surprise you – Marilyn Monroe. This white piano’s feet have casters and it has a bench with it.

Sure, she’s not a musician, but she’s a singer, and she’s not afraid to make a huge investment and buy the baby grand piano once?owned by her mom, Gladys Pearl Baker. This grand piano was sold , which made it difficult for Monroe to find it. Well, she’s the Hollywood sire, so it’s only fitting that she had it. But now that she’s gone, according to reports, her baby grand piano is now owned by another Hollywood sire, Mariah Carey.

The Most Expensive Jacket | Michael Jackson’s Leather Jacket | $1.8 Million

Surely, you’ve seen Michael Jackson wearing different jackets throughout his lifetime. From performing to music videos, he’s always donning one. That’s because the late King of Pop used to be an enthusiastic collector of leather jackets. Since this piece had been linked to his name, you could expect it to have a high price to some degree.?Just like this iconic red jacket that he donned in the music video of?Thriller. By the looks of it, the music video would never be complete without this jacket and Jackson, of course.

This was just one of the too many jackets he owned, not to mention, overpriced. This piece alone, designed by Deborah Nadoolman Landis,?cost a whopping $1.8 million. This Thriller jacket was the hottest outfit of the mid 80s. Its design had been copied for so many times that Michael Jackson even filed a lawsuit to prevent these behaviors. If you think no one would buy it, Milton Verret bought it from an auction.

The Most Expensive Humidifier | Celine Dion | $2 Million

When Celine Dion had a three-year residency at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, she had?a $2 million humidifier?installed on the stage. Before you react, this one was not just a simple humidifier that could add moisture to the air to prevent dryness; it could help preserve her singing voice while in the middle of the harsh desert climate.

Hence, she had it placed above her head during her performances. She used it as her insurance to keep her voice conditioned while performing. Surely, $2 million was nothing compared to the amount of money she would lose if her voice broke because of the heat. This would also aid in keeping her skin moisture. Well, if you’re Celine Dion, who has a million net worth to her name, you can surely afford it. Oh, the life of the rich of the famous.

The Most Expensive iPhone | Victoria Beckham’s Gold iPhone | $33,000

Victoria Beckham is one of the most famous socialites nowadays. Who would have thought that the former Posh Spice of Spice Girls would reach this far? She is now known as a fashion designer– a fashion icon who has been looked up by many. With a huge brand and net worth to her name, it is no surprise that she used to possess the most expensive iPhone back in 2011. It’s a?Gold iPhone?worth a whopping $33,000 made with 150 grams of 24-karat gold.

Rumors had it that it was a gift from her husband, David Beckham. However, a rep revealed it was a phone she had for ages and not new. To complete the phone’s feature, it had?David’s topless photo?as the screen background that made it all the more expensive, knowing she had probably taken it up close and personal.

The Most Expensive Resort: An Entire Hawaiian Island | Larry Ellison | $500 million

Larry Ellison made a huge investment and bought Dole Food billionaire David Murdock’s former sparsely inhabited Hawaiian island of Lanai for a whopping $500 million in 2012. This deal made him own 98 percent of this island. Ellison loves to go sightseeing by plane and his island offers this service.?The island Lanai boasted 88,000 acres of land with 140-square-mile island, which also held one of the world’s most luxurious hotels, the Four Seasons Lana.

The acquisition reportedly included?two Four Seasons retreats, where Ellison planned to build a 100-percent green community. One of the said two resorts were often frequented by several rich and famous personalities, like Jessica Alba, Will Smith, and Cindy Crawford, among others. Bill and Melinda Gates also got married there, on the resort’s Cliffside golf course, next to the 12th hole. The resort was used to be known as Manele Bay Hotel until Ellison had it renovated for eight months, costing him another multi-million dollar.

The Most Expensive Book: Da Vinci’s Journal | Bill Gates | $31 Million

Indeed, he’s one of the wealthiest men in the world, but Bill Gates is never fond of splashing money on nonsensical things. He gets the credit for being a frivolous spender despite having a net worth of billions of dollars. However, it looks like he can’t help himself when he saw the journal of Leonardo d Vinci up for sale. This journal includes Da Vinci’s sketches and ideas about?astronomy, mechanics,mathematics and so on.

Also known as Codex Leicester, it is one of the most famous 30 surviving journals of the famous painter. It had a?staggering price of $31 million?and Gates seemed not to mind the price and paid for it, making it the most expensive book ever sold. He then had the journal digitally scanned, transferred it on CD-ROM, and made it available for sale for less than $30 each – the businessman’s mind.

The Most Expensive Painting: Salvator Mundi By Leonardo Da Vinci | Dmitry Rybolovlev | $450 Million

Dmitry Rybolovlev had his 600-year-old painting, called Salvator Mundi, by Leonardo da Vinci sold for a whopping $450 million. It was said to be the most expensive painting ever sold at an auction. But did you know before it reached this staggering price, it was only sold for $60 in 1958 at another Christie’s auction? Rumors had it that it was only a copy of da Vinci’s work. Anyhow, it couldn’t be denied that it was a good investment.

The poster-sized painting featured Jesus Christ holding a crystal orb. The piece was said to be commissioned by King Louis XII of France and later possessed by King Charles I of England. However, the painting was lost in the 18th century but luckily resurfaced in the 20th century. Rybolovlev got?$400 million from the sales, while the rest went to Christie’s.

The Most Expensive Motorbike: A Nazi Motorbike ?| Brad Pitt | $385,000

Brad Pitt is known for his love for motorcycles. He is an avid fan of riding and has an enthusiastic motorcycle collection. It is no surprise that he spends?$385,000 for a Nazi motorbike?from World War II. This sidecar looks every inch natural, and it has only 500 models all around the world. The man who sold it to Pitt has repaired it once, which cost him 1500 pounds for a small piece of metal.

It is a good investment for a very rare piece dated back to 1942. It is one of the few bikes that you can find today from that era. Nazi used to make use of it during their operations on the Greek island of Crete in 1943. He had this motorbike restored to perfection and it was sold in a military surplus auction after a German left the country. A man from Athens then got a hold of it and had it reinstated.

The Most Expensive Pants |?Sara Blakely?|?$162,000

Sara Blakely puts her investment money into good use and found her own business called Spanx. Blakely has made billion dollars from her business so as an owner of a fashion brand that makes leggings, denim, and shapewear, it may never come as a surprise that she?splurged a whopping $162,000?to buy Olivia Newton-John’s iconic black satin pants from the equally iconic movie?Grease.

In an interview, she revealed she’s the anonymous person who bought the said outfit from an auction in Beverly Hills over the weekend. She then proudly declared that she’s the biggest fan of Wilde since she’s a little girl when Grease?came out. She even invited Wilde to sing at her wedding. So, when she learned Wilde’s pants that existed during the finale of Grease would be at an auction, she tried her best to get her hands on it.

The Most Expensive Fish Pond | Michael Vick | $85,000

Michael Vick reportedly had a number of mistakes in life, including spending his money for a fish pond worth $85,000. Although this couldn’t be considered a mistake, some found it questionable that he spent a huge amount of money for this. Some found it strange that he had a custom-built fish pond with an additional?$50,000 for the landscaping costs. This deal was consideres one of the most ridiculous purchases by NFL players.

However, after everything he had been through, his financial status was reportedly much better today. He might have a financial advisor employed to look after his spendings. Anyhow, he used to be the famed football quarterback who had?played 13 seasons?in the NFL with the Atlanta Falcons and the Philadelphia Eagles. Before that, he used to play for college football at Virginia Tech.He also held many other records in NFL history.

The Most Expensive Mattress | Drake | $395,000

Drake has been known for spending cash on lavish things. But what do you think of his?$395,000 mattress? Yes, the 33-year-old rapper spent a huge amount of money for a comfortable sleep. Well, we can’t blame him. With a huge net worth to his name, hundreds of thousands of dollars is nothing to Drake. He already has a Swarovski chandelier at home. Compared with other celebrities purchases, Drake’s mattress seems thrifty.

He told Architectural Digest the bedroom is where he comes to decompress at the end of the day and where he opens his eyes to seize the day. To some degree, he seems to say no amount of money can pay his rest and comfort, so just let him be. He also has a good reason for spending a huge amount of cash for a single bed made by H?stens. After all,?H?stens is the official bedding supplier for Sweden’s royal court.

The Most Expensive Barbie | Blue Ivy | $80,000

If you’re the daughter of one of the music scene’s power couple, not to mention A-list stars, you will surely be spoiled with a lot of great things, even the most expensive Barbie in the world. Beyonce goes beyond expectations to surprise Blue Ivy with a diamond-encrusted Barbie for her birthday. Did you know how much it cost? It cost $80,000,?which is probably more than a house loan that we need.

Sure, Beyonce has no plans to make us feel inferior, but she is just that rich. Queen Bey only wants to give her kid the most incredible gift, which makes us very insecure. The uber-expensive Barbie in question has 160 gems and white gold jewelry. But the said amount is just for the present, so what about the party itself? Well, that’s another story that will make us even more jealous.

The Most Expensive Sonogram Machine | Tom Cruise | $200,000

If your ex-husband is one of Hollywood’s A-lister, sure, he can buy you a lot of things, just like what Tom Cruise did for his former wife, Katie Holmes. The?Mission Impossible?star bought?a sonogram machine?for his then-pregnant girlfriend that cost a whopping $200,000. This behavior even incurred criticisms that calling in question whether this kind of action was a violation of federal law.

Cruise wasn’t only a dad-goal then but also a husband-goal. He wanted to monitor Holmes’ pregnancy at the comfort of their own home, while medical technicians taught them how to use the device. Through this, they could see the?fetus’ development?through the ultrasound waves, but some obstetricians and other medical experts opposed this move. Anyhow, we should still give Cruise credit after promising to donate the ultrasound machine to the hospital after Holmes gave birth.

The Most Expensive Hat | The Pope | $10 Million

The Pope’s tiara, or famously known as a papal tiara, has a?whopping price of $10 million, a significant investment, I must say. It is much expensive compared to most homes today. It can be considered an artifact, dated back from the 8th century when the Catholic Church popes started wearing it. Pope Paul VI last wore this expensive headpiece in 1963, but only at the beginning of his reign.?With a worth of 10 Million dollars, this tiara holds the slot of the most expesive hats in the world.

The papal tiara was often donned during a papal coronation. This happened from 1143 to 1963. The last piece is in the triple form and the oldest was made in 1572. However, it was never worn for liturgical celebrations, like mass, as the Pope and other bishops only donned a miter for this occasion. It was only sported during the solemn entrance and departure processions.

The Most Expensive Wedding | Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer | $110 Million

Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s 1981 wedding was considered a fairy-tale wedding that a lot of women dreamed of. Aside from being derived straight from a fantasy book, it was also the most expensive wedding ever. Accounting for inflation, if the marriage happened today, it cost?a whopping $110 million, which is way better expensive than the?chairman of Queens Park Rangers football club’s wedding.

Although it has been almost four decades since the wedding happened, no celebrity wedding has matched or even came close to the degree of the lavishness of this grand event. There are about 3,500 people attended the event, along with 750 million viewers on TV. Aside from the wedding itself, as royals, they also had to pay for security, not to mention the 25-foot train gown with 10,000 pearls and the 225-pound, five-foot-tall cake.

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