These Artists Made Their Bodies Their Own Work Of Art Through Plastic Surgery

You can see the world’s most beautiful faces in Hollywood. From Emma Stone to Natalie Portman to Emma Watson— the list goes on! You can find them all in show business. However, there are also claims that the most image-conscious people can also be found here. It is where going under the knife seems to be a common sight. Even the likes of the beauty icons Marilyn Monroe had her look altered from one way to another.
Some say it is an investment to maintain their good looks, while others seem to do it so much that turns into an obsession regularly. Sadly, the result varies. They have taken surgery gaming too extreme. And instead of enhancing their beauty, some of these stars ended up have already altered their looks drastically. With too puffy faces and huge lips brought by fillers, how can they say when it is too much or enough?
In an effort to defy the signs of aging, these stars decided to make their bodies their own work of art through plastic surgery.

Kate Jackson – Facelift

Kate Jackson is one of Charlie’s Angels’ original stars, alongside Jaclyn Smith and Farrah Fawcett in the late 1970s. Everyone was in awe with her stunning beauty then, but everything changed when she went under the knife. Although her looks didn’t change that much, it couldn’t be denied that Jackson had her face altered.
Her eyes seemed to be a little slant, and her skin had reportedly changed. But if there was one thing that Jackson should be proud of, it was she didn’t opt for any filler. Her procedures began with a simple facelift. The actress didn’t need any money loan to do this pricey procedure given her A-list earnings, so she sought another plastic surgery. This time, she had her eyebrow enhanced through eyebrow lift after the facelift left her looking askew. She also had a mild chin implant.

Kirstie Alley – Botox


Kirstie Alley’s look has changed over the years. Although some credit it to her ever-changing weight, some believe that she has undergone plastic surgery. The iconic actress has said time and time again that she has never opted for any kind of beauty enhancements; either Botox or fillers is a big no to her. However, many have noticed the dramatic change of her brow line and forehead, which both still look the same today. It is quite hard to deny that she hasn’t undergone changes with the knife or even a just needle.
Sure, her changing weight may be natural. She lost about 75 pounds when she followed the Jenny Craig program for about three years. But the weight returned. She then did Dancing with the Stars, which helped her lose a significant amount of weight again without the doctors’ help.

Connie Stevens – Facelift

Fans will probably remember Connie Stevens as Cricket Blake in the TV series, Hawaiian Eye. But after a few decades of not seeing her often in the limelight, will they still recognize Stevens when they see her today? Sure, she’s known for being an actress, director, screenwriter, producer, cinematographer, editor, and singer, but with her altered looks, it looks like a lot has changed.
Rumor has it that Stevens has undergone several plastic surgeries. At the age of 82, it is quite surprising that, to some degree, her skin still looks tighter— a feat hard to achieve without a medical professional’s help. It also seems that she has had a facelift or several Botox injections due to the Botox vein on her forehead.

Donatella Versace – Botox or Fillers

Donatella Versace rose to prominence as a fashion designer. Surely, her surname is known all over the world. She is the vice president of Versace, one of the best-known Italian fashion houses. But aside from her passion for fashion, she is also an avid fan of plastic surgeries.
Although Donatella didn’t precisely reveal which parts of her body have gone under the knife, it is quite evident that the look of her face has changed over the years. At 65, her skin is still tight, which is probably a result of Botox or fillers. However, if one part of her body remains untouched until today, it is her nose. Well, with a perfect nose like hers, it serves as quite the insurance that she will always look beautiful.

Amanda Lepore – Several Plastic Surgeries

Her obsession with looking like the iconic Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield takes Amanda Lepore to a different plastic surgery level. She is open about the beauty enhancements that she has gone through, and believe me when I say it is quite a lot! Almost every part of her body has undergone a change. She gets credit for being the “most expensive body on Earth” with all the procedures she has gone through.
Some of the procedures she has opted for are hairline lowering, eyebrow lifting, double eyelid surgery, cheekbones augmentation, rhinoplasty, lip augmentation, augmentation mammoplasty, gender reassignment, and even hormones. These procedures have cost her hundreds of thousands of dollars. Surely, these will not be all for Lepore, and there are more beauty enhancements to come for her.

Michaela Romanini – Botox

Michaela Romanini can be considered as the Paris Hilton of the United Kingdom. She is a famous socialite in her home country— not to mention beautiful, wealthy, and influential. However, it looks like she has abused plastic surgery, often opting for lip collagen and Botox over the years. Sadly, the result is not good for her. Some say she looks brute with her swollen lips and puffy face. She is also dubbed as a surgery addict who started undergoing different beauty enhancements when she was still young.
Well, with her wealth, she surely doesn’t need any kind of money loan to undergo these different procedures. It is just that it is affecting the way she looks. The constant surgeries and needlework are now taking its toll on her appearance.

Joan Van Ark – Plastic Surgery

It looks like plastic surgery has backfired on Joan Van Ark. The face of the beautiful actress, known for her primetime soap opera Knots Landing, has dramatically changed after she went under the knife. A source who saw Ark even said that her once-stunning look turned into “a tragic disaster.”
Many people were surprised to see Ark’s new look when she graced the CBS show’s 40th anniversary. Photographed alongside her former co-stars, Donna Mills and Michele Lee, the change on her face was quite evident. Ark’s face seemed to have receded from  its former beauty to some degree. Hence, fans couldn’t help but think that she had her beauty redone, although it seemed like it turned out for the worse.

Pete Burns – Several Plastic Surgeries

Peter Burns started to make a name in the entertainment industry as the frontman of the ’80s pop band, Dead or Alive. He was the man behind the hit songs, You Spin Me Right Round (Like a Record). However, when he left the music business, he became known as the star of several reality shows, and also for the continuous, dramatic changes in his appearance.
So, why did Burns do it? In an interview, he said he hoped God wouldn’t recognize him when he goes to heaven at the age of 80. His first beauty procedure started in 1985. At the time, he promised he would be a “visual entity,” and he had to look good. He had his broken nose fixed first, and from here, the different degrees of plastic surgeries began, totaling to almost 300.

Carla Bruni – Botox

A lot of people were surely stunned by Carla Brun’s incredible beauty when she was young. But, everything had dramatically changed when she went under the knife. A leading American dermatologist said the First Lady of France looked like a “chipmunk” due to the number of procedures she had. He said she looked “over Botoxed,” having too much of it on her face. Allegedly, she had a lateral brow lift and fillers in her cheeks to hide the signs of aging and help her look younger. The expert also revealed that she seemed to have Radiesse, a filler for wrinkle reduction.
Sadly, the result didn’t look natural on her. It gave her puffy cheeks and cat-like eyes. Bruni might have maxed out her credit cards for these procedures after the doctor said she had all the signs of a woman devoted to Botox and fillers.

Janice Dickinson – Cosmetic Procedures

Janice Dickinson earned the credit of being the “world’s first supermodel” back in the day. At the time, she had a prolific modeling career. In recent years, she is mostly known for being a ruthless judge during the first four seasons of America’s Next Top Model. She was also part of I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here! and her own reality show, The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency.
When she started aging, Dickinson couldn’t help but opt for different beauty enhancements. She began at the age of 33, and from there, several decades of plastic surgeries started. She had her brow lifted after noticing it became a little saggy. She admitted she had collagen put in and also underwent injections for the fine lines on her face, which she had been undergoing every six months.

Courteney Cox – Fillers

Courteney Cox has been open about the many cosmetic procedures she has gone through over the years. She admitted she had done a ton of work on her face and even realized she had gone too far, making her look unrecognizable. Looking back at herself from the ’90s sitcom, Friends, the changes on her face were quite evident. She seemed very natural then, while she looked different after her enhancement procedures. To some degree, the actress admitted that she was a massive fan of fillers.
However, Cox now decided to have all of her fillers dissolved. She learned to embrace her natural aging process and realized that fillers were not her friend. Today, she feels better now that she is starting to look like her real self once again.

Johanna Tukiainen – Plastic Surgery

Johanna Tukiainen once captured the hearts of the many as a pretty Finnish television personality and singer, until plastic surgery took over the whole of her face. Tukiainen made some noise when she got in a massive scandal involving a prominent figure from Finland. Fortunately, they didn’t need a lawyer to resolve the said issue.
Tukiainen is now 42 years old. But when she was only in her 30s, she noticed that she was starting to age. The celebrity then tried to defy the odds of aging by going under the knife. Sadly, instead of enhancing her beauty, it turned out for the worst. It left her with an unnatural look. Her lips started to swell up, while her face seemed to be puffy.

Nikki Cox – Lip Injection

Nikki Cox conquered the small and big screens back in the ’90s. Everyone was in awe of her stunning beauty back then. In recent years, however, she debuted her new look with a very unrecognizable face. Although Cox never admitted that she had undergone beauty enhancements, rumor has it that she had her lip injected or opted for a lip implant.
Sadly, it turned out for the worse, as she seemed to have messed around with her beautiful face. She might have also undergone a cheek implant, giving her a puffy look and a distinct trout pout. Her eyes also changed, which is probably because of an eye lift. Unfortunately, instead of making her look younger, it made her look more mature. To some degree, she looked like someone from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Shauna Sand – Breast Implants

Shauna Sand is the perfect example of surgery gone wrong. Having appearance credits on E! ‘s TV show, Botched, she tried to get her failed breast implants corrected. Instead of undergoing surgery, she got repair surgery to fix her chest. According to reports, Sand had been living with “rope-like” scarring on her breasts. So, to have it removed, she badly wanted to go under the knife then, but there was a problem.
After consulting two Hollywood doctors, who were both sure that they could repair the tissue scarring, they found out she was pregnant. The news seemed to be light amid her dark concern. Anyhow, she still needed to wait for nine months and give birth before undergoing the corrective surgery.

Kim Novak – Fat Transfer Surgery

Kim Novak used to be one of the prettiest faces in Hollywood until her plastic surgery went wrong. People were surprised to see the actress with such a huge difference on her face. She even made headlines for her uncanny appearance at the 2014 Oscar Awards. So, what happened to her face? There were reports that Novak had undergone several plastic surgery procedures, including fat transfer surgery. This made her look drastically different, unnatural, and overdone.
The procedure made Novak’s face looked very plump and round. Couple this method with chemical peels and lasers to smooth out her skin, the result was eerie. She also had skin pulled around her face and neck to make it look so tight. With all these procedures, I’m sure Novak has the proper insurance that will cover the necessary expenses to have her face corrected.

Melanie Griffith – Plastic Surgery

Melanie Griffith became a Hollywood staple ever since she appeared in the 1988 movie Working Girl. Surely, you would best remember her for her blonde hair and bright red lipstick. But, everything seemed to change when she underwent several look transformations due to plastic surgery. In an interview, Griffith revealed how people’s comments affected her wellbeing to some degree. When fans started asking what she had done with her face, she badly got hurt.
Hence, she went to a different doctor to dissolve all the fillers that her other doctors put in her face. After that, she was hopeful that she could return the natural beauty that everybody loved about her. Now, she works hard to look great in a natural way.

Katie Price – Different Beauty Enhancements

Katie Price has opted for different beauty enhancements. As the procedures might have maxed out her credit cards, it didn’t only leave her with a huge bill but also an altered look. Her appearance was so different that she became unrecognizable. The beautiful star of Katie Price: My Crazy Life was gone and what people saw was a woman with an otherworldly beauty. Price has been going back and forth to the surgeon’s office to have her face corrected, but she didn’t get the results she hoped.
In fact, she was even named the Bride of Wildenstein due to her looks. Some of the procedures she had opted for were a facelift and boob reduction. There was even a time that she seemed to have a hard time opening her eyes due to the beauty enhancements she had gone through.

Paul Stanley – Numerous Cosmetic Procedures

You may think that rock stars never care about their looks— but not Paul Stanley. The rhythm guitarist-vocalist of Kiss has undergone a lot of cosmetic procedures to enhance his face, which ended up altering his appearance. He had his ear done several times to form his right ear the way he wanted to. He also opted for a facelift, which resulted in a different look of his face– from saggy skin, it eventually became tight. He also had his eyebrow lifted and underwent a nose job. Although he didn’t admit the latter procedure, the change on his nasal tip made it looked it had been maintained well.
Lastly, he had his lip done and even used Botox to make him look youthful. With these procedures, we just hope that Stanley did not spend up a lifetime’s worth of investments just to pay the bills.

Mickey Rourke – Facelift, Upper Eyelid Lift

Mickey Rourke’s boxing career had taken quite a toll on his face that he decided to do something about it. He opted for different cosmetic procedures to have all the memories of his fights erased from his face. He needed to undergo reconstructive surgery, which, sadly, didn’t turn out well for the actor.
So, professional experts believed he had undergone a facelift and upper eyelid lift that drastically altered his look. He also had hair transplants to fix his hairline. However, Rourke had a change of mind when he noticed that he was starting to look different to a certain degree from these procedures. He might have stopped opting for plastic surgeries, which made him look much better with his natural appearance.

Bruna Felisberto – Nose Job, Cheek Implants

Bruna Felisberto might have had a good intention when she had her nose done, but it didn’t turn out good, unfortunately. Instead of being a beauty enhancement, it resulted in a disaster that drastically affected her career. All she wanted was to make her nose sharper and more refined, but what happened was her nose bridge became completely unbalanced and tapered. Her nasal became narrower, and it seemed not to fit the frame of her pretty face.
It changed the overall look of her face, which made her a topic of scrutiny for the public eye. Aside from the nose job, she also had cheek implants that went wrong. Sadly, her natural beauty was changed, credits to these complicated beauty procedures.

Dolly Parton – Cosmetic Surgery

Dolly Parton has been open about the cosmetic surgeries that she has undergone over the years. She is not even shy to admit that she looks artificial due to the procedures she has gone through. Despite her unnatural look, Parton reveals she is still genuine. The superstar even explains that her looks are based on the country girl’s idea of glam. Although she may not be naturally pretty, she only makes the most of everything that she has gotten.
Parton has been particular about her looks to a certain degree. She even says she sleeps with full makeup on just in case an emergency occurs, and she has to step out publicly. Dolly couldn’t let herself be caught off-guard now, can she?

Megan Fox – Nose Job

Megan Fox has denied that she had any work done on her face, but it looks like her different appearance speaks for itself. Fans have been wondering if one of Hollywood’s sexiest stars has gone under the knife despite her perfect physique and look. Megan’s photos from when she was only starting in the business compared to today, show how her look had changed.
Her nose has become thinner, and its tip is more refined. It was a far cry from the broader nose that she used to have with a slight bump on the bridge. She also denied that she had lip injectables, although her lip also looks different today. So, it seems like fans have to do a little bit more digging to judge the degree of changes.

Sylvester Stallone – Facelift

Sylvester Stallone has yet to reveal if he has undergone any cosmetic procedures, but the look on his face seems to say so. Experts revealed that the iconic actor might have done different beauty enhancements throughout his career, as his jawline and neck remain to have tight skin. This proves he has maintained a well-performed lower facelift. It wouldn’t take a financial advisor to realize that his decision to go under the knife will be costly. But of course, one of Hollywood’s highest-paid stars can certainly afford it.
Rumor has it Stallone also opted for lower eyelid lift and a browlift, as his brows all look over pulled and has a different crease on the lid and height. Although arched brows can look good on women, it is far different from men.

The Duchess of Alba – Repeated Plastic Surgery

Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart or the 18th Duchess of Alba had a dramatically-changed look due to repeated plastic surgery. Although it was quite hard to undergo the procedures, she gets credit for her optimism. Because despite the unlikeable outcome, Stuart still seemed happy about it. Some said she even looked like a Pekingese with Botox due to the unnatural appearance. Her face was already too tightened by the repeated procedures she had.
Anyhow, despite her eerily appearance, Stuart remained to have a vivid character and had maintained her being a spectacular and legendary figure throughout her native Spain as well as in international territory. She was also famous to readers of different glossy magazines with her celebrity status. With the cosmetic surgeries she had gone through, she has been used as one of the most extreme examples of plastic surgeons’ skills.

Michael Jackson – Several Cosmetic Procedures

Michael Jackson didn’t only rise to prominence for his incredible voice and performance but also for his body and face transformation. He started performing in showbiz as a kid until he conquered the music scene in the mid-1980s. But it was when he also began the change in his appearance. The difference could be evidently seen on his nose, fuelling the rumors he underwent extensive cosmetic surgery. His skin tone also became lighter. Although he claimed he was diagnosed with the skin disorder vitiligo, many people didn’t believe so.
His facial structure also dramatically changed to a considerable degree. Experts believed he underwent forehead lift, cheekbone surgery, and even altered his lips that changed his looks. Anyhow, Jackson insisted that he never tried to change his appearance to be anything he was not.

Wayne Newton – Plastic Surgery

Wayne Newton surprised many with his cosmetically-altered appearance. Some critics said he had undergone a lot of plastic surgeries that he couldn’t move his face anymore. Others questioned why the star had a snap-on face. Plastic surgeons weighed in on the issue, predicting the plastic surgeries he might have gone through that gave him a much younger look.
Some said he might have opted for a facelift, a well-maintained Botox, and a nose job, among others. Surely, he doesn’t need any money loan to pay for these procedures with his fortune. However, some experts advise that going under the knife is not always good for someone’s health. There are complications that someone may experience, like infection, scarring, fluid buildup, and more.

Lindsay Lohan – Rhinoplasty, Fillers, And Botox

Lindsay Lohan’s appearance has dramatically changed over the years, making fans wonder if she has gone under the knife. Her look today is a far cry from the red-headed child with a freckled face that fans used to see. As Lohan has yet to admit that she had her face altered, some surgeons believe she had undergone a rhinoplasty.
Lohan’s nose is much slimmer today than before. It has a more natural slope and point, which is a sign that she had it done. It also looks like she has opted for non-surgical treatment of derma fillers to her cheeks. Could it possibly happen that she has even maxed out her credit card with the Botox procedures to omit the early signs of aging on her face? It is unlikely, given her vast net worth.

Daryl Hannah – Cosmetic Injections

Daryl Hannah badly experienced horrible plastic surgery, resulting in an unnatural look on her face. Many people believe the drastic change in Hannah’s appearance resulted from the cosmetic doctors’ failure to do their jobs well. Although she denied it, the emergence of her photo showing her puffy face made fans conclude that she had cosmetics injections or a facelift, to a certain degree. However, as fans noticed that she only refused to admit that she underwent plastic surgery, it didn’t rule out the possibility that she had injections, like Botox and derma fillers.
Cosmetic doctors believe fillers had something to do with the change in Hannah’s face. As the body absorbs fillers over time, it only has a temporary effect, explaining the gradual change in her appearance.

LaToya Jackson – Plastic Surgery

It looks like plastic surgery is natural to the Jackson family. Aside from Michael Jackson, LaToya Jackson has also altered her looks, thanks to the different cosmetic procedures she has gone through over the years. She has defied the odds of aging by opting for plastic surgery. However, through the numerous work she has undergone, she now looks unrecognizable, pretty much like her brother.
Some even say that LaToya and Michael might have the same surgeon due to the similarities of their new look. Their uncanny resemblance seemed to be brought by the knife and not the genetics. To their surgeons’ credit, their nose and even their eyebrows were likely the same. Hence, fans joked that they might have the same doctors on their speed dial.

Anjelica Huston – Botox

Anjelica Huston is one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood. She has spent most of her life in front of the camera, making fans very accustomed to her striking features. We all know Huston for her dark hair, prominent cheekbones, and deep eyes. These traits made her the perfect Morticia Addams in the iconic The Addams Family movie. She has also captivated the hearts of many, including Jack Nicholson.
However, when she graced the press conference for her TV show, Smash, she surprised everyone with her unrecognizable look. It was a far cry from Huston’s usual appearance that we used to see. Her chin seemed to disappear, while her cheeks looked oddly plump to a certain degree. Although Huston didn’t reveal the reason behind the change, she has eventually shared that she hated plastic surgery after her Botox had gone wrong.

Carrot Top – Laser Treatments

Carrot Top’s look has changed over the years. His real name is Scott Thompson, and we have been used to seeing him with his wild, curly hair. Although his signature locks are still there, the change on his face is quite evident. One doctor said he is looking “more and more” like a “muscle-bound cartoon character.”
He seemed to have opted for a few beauty enhancements over the years, giving him a very arched brow and a smooth look. Although we can give him credit for his good features, it cannot be denied that he may have undergone laser treatments or chemical peels. Anyhow, he seems to have left his eyelids untouched, even though he can have it done next. Whatever his plans may be, we can indeed see its result the next time he comes around.

Lil’ Kim – Bleaching

Lil’ Kim looks oddly unrecognizable today compared to the time that she was only starting in the business. In her photos on Instagram, fans can quickly notice the change on the rapper’s skin. From being a brown-skinned cutie, she now has super light skin. Hence, a lot of people believe she underwent a bleaching procedure. Some fans question Lil Kim’s move, asking if she is white now.
Some said she was trying hard to be a white woman or a Latina with what she did to her skin. The change in her appearance also resulted in assumptions that she went under the knife. This gave birth from one meme to another, which, fortunately, didn’t get Lil’ Kim mad that she might seek out her attorney’s help.

Kenny Rogers – Eyelid Lift

Kenny Rogers made us fall in love with his hit songs Through the YearsShe Believes In MeYou Decorated My Life, and more. He was an iconic singer-songwriter, who was also elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame. The crooner was famous worldwide, rising to international prominence with his excellent music in different genres. He managed to top every music chart back then, earning him other credits and accolades.
He was one of the best-selling and also one of the most successful music artists of all time. And if you believed he wasn’t susceptible to the plastic surgery craze, you’re wrong. It was a huge surprise when fans saw Rogers carrying a different look. Although he didn’t become unrecognizable, Rogers certainly didn’t look natural, too. He revealed that he had a botched eyelid lift and that he was never happy about it.

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