Surprising Celebrities Who Admitted to Plastic Surgery

It’s a tough job to stay relevant in Hollywood and to keep up with the trends. You’ll also need to  make sure you don’t age in front of your fans. For these very reasons, celebrities would often resort to plastic surgery to preserve their youth and beauty. And yet, admitting to having these procedures is like a taboo. You rarely hear celebrities admitting to such. It seems that natural beauty is still the preferred choice. However, these celebrities don’t give a cent to other’s opinions as they have admitted to having plastic surgery done. From little jabs of Botox to more severe cosmetic procedures, they have opened up about their experiences. If you’re thinking of doing this, make sure to have all your insurance in place before you go under the knife.

Yolanda Hadid

In an Instagram post, Yolanda Hadid was happy to share that she’s now free of breast implants, fillers, botox, extensions, and more. She added that she’s happy to be back to her original 1964 self, who was free of chemicals. She mentioned the extreme pressure she felt to keep up with society standards until all the toxicity almost called her. She had previously admitted that she stopped getting Botox injections and dermal fillers a few years back after being diagnosed with Lyme. We could definitely agree that these artificial enhancers are never a good investment in the long run.

Ariel Winter

Hollywood stars would usually add more to their body part thinking that bigger is better – bigger breasts, bigger eyes, and bigger lips. In the case of Ariel Winter, she had things differently. Instead, she had a breast reduction to get rid of the constant pain of having large breasts. When the news went out, the public was quick to criticize and say she’s gone under the knife for more than that. However, she’s not having any of it and she addressed the social media trolls accusing her of such. She credits her reduced weight for her breast reduction contrary to what others are implying.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears had faced many controversies throughout her career, but she seemed to overcome them all at the end. While her career was a series of comebacks but one of her major returns was in 2013. This set off her career back on track. According to Business Insider, Spears made a turnaround with her career when she signed a $30-million residency contract with Sin City casino in Las Vegas. The contract allows her to perform 100 shows at the Sin the venue for over the course of two years. She then renewed the contract until 2017. We say this was one of her greatest investments. In one of her cover story interviews in 2013, the Princess of Pop admitted to having a minor cosmetic procedure. She added that she got lip injections from Dr. Raj Kanodia, a renowned rhinoplasty surgeon.

Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford naturally looks beautiful, and one wouldn’t suspect she did some work on her face. However, the supermodel admitted to having shots of Botox in the past. She explained that these were necessary measures to restore elasticity because when you’re past a certain age, creams don’t work anymore. It seems that vitamin injections botox and collagen are her investments to maintain her beauty. She added that she leads a relatively healthy lifestyle, which also contributes to her youthful appearance. Diet, exercise, and lots of water can go a long way; however, the major work would be on her cosmetic surgeon.

Tyra Banks

Another supermodel who had some work on her face is Tyra Banks. She told People Magazine in 2018 that she had bones in her nose that was oddly growing and itching. She said this after discussing natural beauty in her book. Then she later said that she had some work done on her nose, admitting that it’s fake and so is her hair. However, she said that she feels she owes the truth to everyone after discussing this topic in her book. Known in her life as Tyra Lynne Banks, she is known as one of the most successful television personalities, supermodel, producer, actress, and entrepreneur. She also has two book credits under her name.

 Cardi B

To some degree, Cardi B is well-known for her outspoken personality. She usually speaks out what’s on her mind, especially about her plastic surgery journey. In 2017, she was very vocal about going under the knife in the past. She even had the illegal injections in her butt. She admitted that she was desperate to have a bigger butt, hence her decision. Later in 2019, it was reported by USA Today that she is done doing plastic surgeries. She revealed that she had undergone liposuction and breast augmentation after giving birth to her daughter in 2018, but that would be the last treatment for her. She told her fans that this would be the last plastic surgery she would do.

 Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow is a major proponent of balanced living and clean eating. However, the Shakespeare In Love actress admitted in an interview with Bazaar that she had previously done Botox before, which she regretted. However, the award-winning actress said she might entertain the idea of going under the knife when she’s 50 years old, although doing it is scary for her. However, Botox is a big no for her. Paltrow has a long list of brilliant films under her name. She has won an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award, and Primetime Emmy Award. The actress turned entrepreneur is now immersed in handling her lifestyle brand, Goop.

 Nicole Kidman

Another Hollywood A-List celebrity, who added a little extra to her face, was Nicole Kidman. The Eyes Wide Shut actress shared with Italy’s La Repubblica that she had Botox before and regretted it. Her face was the subject of speculations in the past years. However, she clarified that her face is all-natural, and she never had to get plastic surgery. She also added that she’s leading a healthy lifestyle, and that’s the best age-defying treatment she could get. Kidman was one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood. She received a lot of credits to her name, including an Academy Award, four Golden Globes, and two Primetime Emmy Awards.

 Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen is never afraid to speak her mind and the truth. She is not dubbed as the Queen of Twitter for no reason. In May 2017, she admitted to Refinery29 that she had liposuction in her armpits, which was one of the best things she’s ever done. Unlike other celebrities, who feel it’s taboo to admit their cosmetic surgeries, she’s not having it. She further shared that she had done it around nine years ago. However, the inches are back. So she’s thinking of having another liposuction again. She said that having it done made her feel more confident to some degree. In 2019, the wife of John Legend said that she would be removing her breast implants.

Kourtney Kardashian

The Keeping Up with the Kardashian sisters have been the major subjects of cosmetic surgery discussions for the past decade. The audience has seen great transformations since they started their reality series, and that includes Kourtney Kardashian. The eldest sibling, who’s an advocate of clean eating and known for leading a healthy lifestyle, has admitted to having done an enhancement procedure involving her breasts. While she didn’t admit to having done other parts of her face, she’s admitted as much to having breast implants. The reality star turned entrepreneur has also made investments in putting up a brand that embodies her way of living. Her lifestyle website Pooch was launched in 2019.

Kylie Jenner

One of the most talked-about celebrities when it comes to cosmetic surgery is Kylie Jenner. This youngest among the Keeping Up with the Kardashian sisters has not been very vocal going under the knife, although the audience has seen a huge transformation from her teen years up until today. In 2016, she admitted that she is not against plastic surgery, although she only admitted to having lip fillers as far as changing her appearance is concerned. She said that she is not reacting well with anesthesia, so that’s the main reason why she’s hesitant going under the knife. However, she openly said that she would consider changing something in her body if she feels uncomfortable with it. Kylie made an investment in cosmetics, which made her a millionaire today.

 Iggy Azalea

Known as Amethyst Amelia Kelly in her real life, Iggy Azalea is an Australian rapper, who pursued her career in music at a young age. She rose to fame after releasing viral music videos on YouTube. Later on, she signed a contract with Grand Hustle. She became the first non-American female rapper to top the Billboards Top R&B. In March 2015, the rapper told E! that she had breast augmentation. She feels that it’s much better not to have some kind of a secret. Besides, she loved that she had them. In fact, she can’t help but talk about them. At her age, she already received a number of credits and nominations to her name.

Jessica Simpson

Another music artist admitted to her cosmetic experience that led to huge disappointment. Jessica Simpson shared with Glamour in 2006 that she wasn’t a fan of lip injections. She said she had the Restylane stuff and it simply looked fake on her. She was relieved that her lips came back to their natural form after four months. At the age of 16, Simpson already signed a contract with Columbia Records. She had a breakthrough back in 2001 with her early music releases. With the help of her lawyers, she got separated from Nick Lachey, and she later remarried in 2014.

Dianna Agron

Dianna Agron is an American actress, who made her first debut as Jessica Grant on CSI: NY back in 2006. She rose to fame for appearing in Fox’s musical comedy-drama series, Glee. She also has other small acting credits, which include Drake and Josh. Agron is also a  singer and a dancer. An interview with David Letterman back in 2011 revealed that she had her nose corrected after breaking it twice. This is to repair her deviated septum, according to Wikipedia. When she was 14 years old, she suffered a blow to her nose and then had an accident while on tour for Glee.

 NeNe Leakes

Nene Leakes is a popular television personality, actress, presenter, author, and fashion designer. She became popular when she appeared in the reality TV series The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She also had a recurring role as Roz Washington on the Fox comedy-drama series Glee. In an interview with People back in 2010, the reality star admitted to having a series of cosmetic surgeries including a nose job, liposuction, and breast implants with a lift, among others. She added that she wants to be a better version of herself. Aside from her acting projects, she also made several investments, including a clothing line on Home Shopping Network and her own boutique SWAGG.

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco started her acting career in the late 1990s, appearing as supporting roles for a few films and television. She had her breakthrough role acting as Bridget Hennessy on the ABC series 8 Simple Rules. However, her most popular role would be Penny on the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory, which aired from 2007 until 2019. She received credits for her outstanding performance, earning a Satellite, Critic’s Choice, and People’s Choice Awards for her role. In an interview with Women’s Health, she admitted to getting a nose job, breast augmentation, and a series of fillers. She also added that having breast implants was one of the best things she ever did. Speaking truthfully, she admitted while loving yourself is good, you also want to look good. It’s important to do it for yourself other than someone else.

 Courteney Cox

Courtney Cox is one of the Hollywood celebrities, who regretted having done cosmetic enhancements. In an interview with New Beauty back in June 2017, she shared she had all her fillers dissolved and was feeling better about it. She was glad that she’s back to being her old self to some degree, trying to embrace her small lines and not consider fillers as her friend. She admitted to liking the procedures before, but then, it made her look fake. She also said that she grew up thinking that appearance is everything, and the pressure in Hollywood made it worse. The former Friends star was open about her transformation journey sharing the good and the bad side so other women would be aware of the effects of changing their appearance.

Christie Brinkley

Christie Brinkley opened up with Harper’s Bazaar about undergoing non-invasive anti-aging procedures in the past. The model admitted to the publication back in October 2017 that she tried Xeomin to treat her frown lines and Ultherapy for her neck and chest. While she’s decided on doing these anti-aging treatments, she can’t help but wonder if others find her phony and fake. However, she wants to be honest and speak about them. Brinkley rose to international fame after appearing in the 1970’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues from 1979 for three consecutive covers. She made several investments in skincare, putting up her own brand Christie Brinkley Authentic Skin Care and several more.

 Ashley Tisdale

Another young star had her nose done back in 2007 to fix a deviated septum. In an interview with People, she revealed that she didn’t go under the knife for cosmetic reasons other than to help fix her health. She further shared that she almost could not breathe out of the right side of her nose. The Highschool Musical star wanted to be honest to her fans; that’s why she revealed having it done. Tisdale was featured in over 100 advertisements and had minor acting credits when she was a child. It wasn’t until she appeared in the Disney Channel series The Suite Life of Zack & Cody that she achieved mainstream success.

 Patricia Heaton

Patricia Heaton revealed in an interview with People that she had a tummy tuck and breast reduction back in 2003. She believed in being honest about it. She also hinted that a lot in Hollywood is not all as it seems to some degree. After undergoing C-sections, she said her stomach looked like the map of the world. She also added that her breasts were sagging from breastfeeding her kids, and they don’t look the best. The Everybody Loves Raymond star bravely admitted going under the knife for vanity purposes. She wanted to fit in the gowns she wanted to wear. She’s sharing these things to let other women know that celebrities get help looking the way they are.

Lisa Kudrow

Another Friends cast member admitted to having her nose done. In an interview with The Saturday Evening Post back in 2013, Lisa Kudrow revealed that she went under the knife the summer before going to a new high school. She also openly admitted that it was a good change. She never liked how she looked before. Kudrow made guest appearances in a number of television series like Cheers before landing her role as Phoebe Buffay in Friends. Her performance earned her international prominence and several acting credits, including Primetime Emmy and Screen Actors Guild Award.

Jamie Lee Curtis

The veteran actress Jamie Lee Curtis swore off plastic surgery. The Scream Queen revealed in an interview with The Telegraph that she had undergone minor cosmetic surgeries in the past. She had some Botox and liposuction but the Halloween actress said that nothing works. Curtis became one of the major proponents of the aerobics craze back in the ‘80s. Her physique looks great up until today. She is an award-winning actress whose film credits span many genres including horror, cult comedy, and action-comedy. Aside from acting, she also repealed several children’s books. She received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1998, according to Wikipedia.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina wrote an op-ed published by The New York Times to talk about her decision to undergo a preventive double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery after she learned she had an 87% chance of developing breast cancer. Her mother, actress Marcheline Bertrand, passed away due to ovarian cancer, but she also had breast cancer. Her grandmother also passed away from the same disease. It took about nine weeks to complete the surgery with the reconstruction of her breasts with implants. The advancement in technology made things like this possible, and the results can be beautiful, she wrote. Her aunt, who was diagnosed with the same gene defect, passed away from breast cancer just three months after Jolie had her operation.

 Khloe Kardashian

We have another one from the Keeping Up With The Kardashian cast, and this time it’s Khloe Kardashian. The audience has seen major transformation throughout the years, from her massive weight loss to how she looks. The reality star admitted on her own talk show Kocktails with Khloe that she had her facial fillers dissolved. She recalled that her face got messed up, and she had the whole thing dissolved. She is now afraid of doing it again. Aside from the television series, she also published a book titled Strong Looks Better Naked. She made investments to put up her own brand, Good American.

Kris Jenner

The matriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner is not a stranger to plastic surgery. Kris Jenner previously documented a facelift in the reality television series, Keeping Up With The Kardashian back in 2011. This was done before Kim’s wedding to Kanye West. Aside from starring on the hit reality series, she is also an entertainment manager, producer, entrepreneur, and author. You could say that her greatest investments are her children. She also has several books written including her autobiography titled Kris Jenner..s and All Things Kardashian and a cookbook titled In the Kitchen with Kris: A Kollection of Kardashian-Jenner Family Favorites.


Cher was never afraid to tell the truth. That applies to her plastic surgery. The I Got You Babe singer isn’t shy about saying she’s gone under the knife. However, she’s pretty vague on what body part hasn’t been enhanced yet. In an interview with ABC in 2002, she said that she had the same cheeks her whole life and she never had butt lifts. She also added that she never had ribs removed. What she does to the rest of her body would be her own business, she added. At the end of the day, you never really change who you are underneath all the fluff. She received a lot of major credits throughout her career, which spanned almost six decades.

Kelly Rowland

The former Destiny’s Child singer sat down with Shape Magazine to discuss about going under the knife. At an early age of 18 years old, she had wanted breast implants already. However, her mom and Beyoncé’s mom advised her to weigh things out. She said she thought about it for 10 years and had it. Rowland rose to fame being a member of one of the best-selling girl groups of all time. When Destiny’s Child took a break, she released her solo album, which debuted at number one on the UK Albums Chart. She made investments to establish her own career, consequently releasing several chart-topping songs.

Robin Wright

Robin Wright isn’t afraid to admit she loves Botox. In an interview with Telegraph back in 2014, she claims that almost everybody does it. She also added that she’s had about two Botox twice a year. She also shared that some women would do 10 units, which could potentially freeze your face. In her case, she got one unit sprinkled all over her face to lift it. Wright received major credits for her acting skills, earning eight Primetime Emmy Award nominations, a Golden Globe Award, and Satellite Award.

Linda Evangelista

Linda Evangelista revealed to BAZAAR that she was one of the first to admit she did Botox and her mom got upset. Then she reasoned out that everybody does it and she’s not going to lie about it. However, she hadn’t had Botox well before her interview with the magazine. The supermodel claimed that she found something better to combat aging. She discovered a rejuvenation serum back then and fell in love with it. Since then, she stopped getting Botox. Aside from this, she previously had fillers and lasers as well. She says that she only wants to look good. She credits her looks to her consistent use of the said serum.

Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa made a huge confession to her guest co-host for the day in Live with Kelly back in 2016. She admitted to having Botox injections, which left her unable to smile for six months. Definitely something she regretted doing back in 2015. Admittedly, it did some good to her, but the consequence was worse. She was glad that the effects were only temporary, and she’s starting to look like her old self again. For six months, she wasn’t smiling and just looking angry at everybody. Ripa made investments to put up their own production company together with husband Mark Consuelos.


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