30 of the Most Luxurious Cars in the World

Many cars are considered timeless works of art.  Their design, performance, speed, navigation systems and safety mechanisms put in place can make people admire not only the car itself but the owner as well. These expensive cars are usually driven by the famous and elite, people who are in the spotlight because they are either known politicians, lawyers, royalty, actors, and athletes. These vehicles range in price from the expensive to the outrageously costly. What is common among these cars is their elite factor, brought about by the sheer amount of dollars used to purchase them.
Listed below are some of these shockingly expensive cars.

Porsche 918 Spyder – $845,000

There are only 918 Porsche 918 Spyders in the whole world. That alone screams limited edition. The Spyder was Porsche’s debut into the world of hybrid hypercars. As these are hybrid cars, they run on both electric and gas. The Spyder packs a V8 engine and two electric motors, which combined can generate an impressive 887 braking horsepower. The car is also rated to run all-electric for 12 miles, with a top speed reaching 217 mph. Also, this powerful car can go from 0 to 60 in just 2.5 seconds. The vehicle was first shown as a concept in 2010, during the 80th Geneva Motor Show.

SSC Tuatara – $970,000

At $970,000, the SSC Tuatara is not yet the most expensive car in the list, but in terms of appearance and speed, this vehicle does not disappoint. The futuristic vehicle can go from 0 to 144 mph in just 9.75 seconds. That is definitely a fast car. Drivers of this vehicle must make sure they have paid their insurance premiums just to be on the safe side. The SST Tuatara is fitted with multi-fuel injection, twin turbochargers, an electronic sequential port, and dual-water to air intercoolers. All these work together to provide the vehicle with a top speed of over 276 mph.

Rolls Royce Phantom Serenity

Given its base price of $1.1 million, there is only one word that describes the Rolls Royce Phantom Serenity, and that is luxury! It utilizes silk for its interior, so expect elegance from the roof to the flooring of this vehicle. Apart from silk, the Phantom Serenity is also installed with smoked Cherrywood to bring out the silk’s beauty. Of course more than its design, the engineering and performance are also up to the usual Rolls Royce standard. As such, even though it has a very powerful V12 engine and an 8-speed gearbox, its fuel consumption is 10% less than its predecessor. True to its name, the Phantom Serenity drives in smoothness and excellence.

McLaren P1 – $1.15 million

Driving around in the countryside with open roads or on the race track with McLaren P1 can certainly be exhilarating. This hybrid supercar is certainly worth the investment as the driver could dream of becoming a racecar driver, push the boundaries of the vehicle with its V8 engine and just enjoy that raw sound of power as he drives away. The car could go from 0 to 62 miles in just 2.8 seconds. The engine provides 721 bhp, while the electric motor adds 177 bhp more. And did you know that the McLaren P1 is also fitted with an electro-hydraulic powered steering and a hydro-pneumatic suspension?

Zenvo ST1 – $1.2 million

Perhaps the king of the racetrack, the Zenvo ST1 muscle car has three modes a driver can select from – normal, race, and sport. This allows the car to adjust to the driving styles of the racer and even their mood for that day. The vehicle features both a turbocharged and supercharged 7.0 L V8 engine that has a 6-speed gearbox. It can reach a top speed of 233 mph. When racing, the car can quickly accelerate from 0 to 60 in 2.69 seconds. The vehicle can also comfortably fit two people inside. Further, as far as exclusivity goes, this car ranks among the highest as there were only 15 of these produced worldwide. How high of a credit score should one have to afford this road monster?

Aston Martin One-77 – $1.4 million

With a 7.3 L V12 engine that has at least 700 horsepower, the Aston Martin One-77 is surely an improvement from the previous 5.9 L version. It can reach 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds, which is slower than many top cars, and compared to others, this vehicle can achieve an above-average 200 mph top speed. The interior of the One-77 was designed with the driver’s center of gravity in mind. The seats are placed closer to the flooring, while the lines of the car are elongated, smooth, and elegant. It also has a steady steering wheel, which is perfect for when a driver encounters bumps and humps.

Pagani Huayra – $1.4 million

The Pagani Huayra is a combination of race car features and comfort. The name comes from the wind god, Huayra Tata, which reflects the car’s speed when on the road. The gorgeous Italian vehicle is appropriate for those who want to stand out and enjoy exclusivity.  Apart from the look of the car, it can also reach a top speed of 230 mph. The two turbos and the 6.0 L V12 engine are given credit for the raw speed of this mighty car. If indeed the deity of the wind is transformed into a car, this would be it. But do not be deceived as the vehicle is not all speed, but a balance of size, pleasant rising experience, smooth steering, and excellent braking.

Koenigsegg Agera R – $ 1.6 million

The Swedish car has a 5.0 L V8 engine that can accelerate from 0 to 60 in a matter of 2.9 seconds. It also packs a spectacular 1140 braking horsepower. The top speed? Well, it is among the highest at 273 mph. With that power, it is a surprise that it can come to a full stop at 12.6 seconds. The Agera R can also seat two people comfortably. Of course, to protect the driver and passenger, the car also comes with safety features including airbags and stability control. These safety mechanisms allow the driver control of the car’s speed, temperature, fuel pressure, gas levels, and steering at any given time.

Koenigsegg One:1 – $ 2 million

The number 1 in the name is not just any number as this car is actually given credit as the world’s fastest. It can reach 250 mph in just 20 seconds and can run to a top speed of 273 mph. Also, the number 1 stands for the one to one power-to-weight ratio, which gives the car 1 ps per kilogram of mass. One way it has achieved that is by making the car’s carbon fiber 40% lighter than the Agera. It also features active aerodynamics. Also, the 7-speed gearbox allows the car to have fast speed transmission. This car was designed primarily for the racetrack, so the vehicle’s suspension, cell phone, and GPS work together to give the racer the best experience when driving the car.

Koenigsegg Regera – $2 million

If cars could be royals, then the Regera is certainly part of the royal family. The name itself means “to reign”. The Regera has one 5.0 L twin-turbo V8 engine and three electric motors. It is super fast and the car can hit 62 mph in just 5.8 seconds. At 20 seconds, it can reach up to 249 mph, tempting anyone to take out cash loans just to buy this regal car. What gives the vehicle this power is that each tire receives power from a dedicated electric motor as soon as the car accelerates. The combined power of 1800 braking horsepower makes it among the fastest cars. The interior is not just elegant but also stylish with its interior being made out of leather, carbon fiber, and Alcantara.

Lamborghini Reventon – $2 million

What is better than a Murciélago LP640? Definitely its improved version, the Lamborghini Reventon.  The car was designed like an arrow so that air would be guided to its carbon brake disks and its 12-cylinder caliper, allowing the car to cool while racing at top speeds. Of course, the driver has to be updated on the vehicle’s numbers and status, so inside the car, the driver could easily change information displays by tapping a button. Some of the data displayed are the vehicle’s acceleration, braking, and drive force. With information readily available, the driver can then drive with a high degree of confidence at 205 mph, while enjoying the car’s elegant interiors.

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento – $2.2 million

Lamborghini is a brand of excellence, so it is not surprising that Sesto Elemento maintains that quality. It is known that Lamborghini tries to improve from its previous lines of vehicles with every upcoming version. The company has made heavy investments to make sure that Sesto Elemento’s carbon fiber, for example, has been maximized for lightness. The fierce-looking car has been fitted with a variety of spoilers, an open rear end, and spoilers to make an efficient transmission and exhaust system. It also has a V10 engine which can go from 0 to 60 in 2.5 seconds. The look also resembles that of a Batmobile, making the driver feel like a superhero.

Aston Martin Vulcan – $2.3 million

When a volcano explodes, it is both beautiful and terrifying at the same time. That raw power is what was kept in mind when designing the Aston Martin Vulcan. It is primarily made for the race track, so its 7.0 L B12 engine has over 820 braking horsepower. The car’s Brembo racing calipers are capable of stopping all sides of the car in a flash. But for insurance and the driver’s safety, it also has an adjustable anti-lock braking power and greater traction control to prevent the vehicle from skidding. This allows the driver to be flexible with his driving styles. Oh, and there are only three Vulcans in the whole world.

Bugatti Veyron Super Sports – $2.4 million

Although not as limited as the other limited-edition vehicles, there were only 300 Veyron Super Sports manufactured in the world. In making the car more unique, the makers worked extensively with customers, getting their preferences, and then coming up with a design that can be used for daily, normal driving. In fact, this car was given credit as the world’s fastest car that can be used on public roads back in 2010. The vehicle can approach corners fast while still keeping steady control. If the owner is feeling adventurous, they can accelerate to a disorienting speed of 268 mph, topping other cars in the same category.

Ferrari F60 America – $2.5 million

Ferrari is Italian, but they decided to celebrate their successful presence in the US by naming one of their own super exclusive Ferrari, the Ferrari F60 America. They also announced that only 10 vehicles would be produced, timing the announcement to occur on the 10th day of the 10th month. They sure love the number 10. Ten rich car collectors were quick to snag the 10 models. Insurance companies would perhaps have difficulty determining the premiums for these expensive vehicles. The price is at $ 2.5 million, with features like a V12 engine and open-top driving. The cloth cover is rated to stay intact for up to 75 mph. The vehicle itself can go from 0 to 60 in 3.1 seconds, reaching a top speed of 210 mph.

Bugatti Chiron – $2.5 Million

If a rocket has wheels, it would be a Bugatti Chiron. It packs an 8.0 L four turbo-powered W16 engine capable of generating 1,500 horsepower. The vehicle is rated to a top speed of 261 mph, earning it the credit of being the fastest and most exclusive car in Bugatti’s entire history. The chassis is wider than its predecessors and LED lights were installed to offset the Bugatti badge. The car’s aerodynamics also enhances the car’s performance and its pronounced and generous surfaces. The Chiron, true to its name, has that classy vibe, coupled with an elegant interior and performance that goes through the roof. And did I mention that the roof is glass, allowing natural light to come in? Any rich individual could get this car for $2.5 million.

Pagani Huayra BC – $2.6 million

This Pagani vehicle was named after one of its most loyal customers, the late Benny Caiola. He was an Italian who immigrated to the US and went on to become a successful businessman in real estate, finally able to afford his own mortgage. His first ever car collection was a Sarao Jeepney. He, later on, fell in love with Italian cars, particularly Ferrari. The Huayra BC is a powerful, limited-edition vehicle, with only 20 released to the world. It is fitted with an AMG V12 engine with 789 braking horsepower. Its transmission has a 7-speed gearbox, revised clutch-control, and an electrohydraulic actuation system making it 40% lighter than your average car.

LaFerrari FXX K – $2.7 million

Ferrari is really pushing its boundaries and transforming the race car line with its LaFerrari FXX K. This race car is limited-edition and with its 6.3 L V12 engine can accelerate from 0 to 60 in just 2.5 seconds. When the gas is floored, it can reach a top speed of 217 mph. Apart from its powerful and unique engineering, the car’s exterior is also a sight to behold. The rear and vertical fins, apart from being pleasant to look at, assist in the vehicle’s aerodynamics, bringing the car closer to a sonic boom. It also has four driving modes—qualify, long run, fast and manual boost—allowing the driver to play around with his driving skills and style. With its Slide Slip Angle Control traction technology, the driver could also approach corners with ease and smoothness.

Mansory Vivere Bugatti Veyron – $3.5 million

This car was an improvement on its predecessor, the Vincero. This $3.5 million vehicle was a strictly limited-edition vehicle made by Mansory. They revised the face to make the car look more luxurious by several degrees. The exterior and the interior received an upgrade, including the hood with its contrasting black apron. Also, the car is fitted with a durable carbon fiber finish, side skirts, and larger air outlets that enhance the vehicle’s aerodynamics, while still making sure the car does not overheat. Of course, the manufacturers did not only improve the appearance, but they also made sure the vehicle has a powerful W16 engine, packed with 1001 braking horsepower.

Lykan Hypersport – $3.4 million

The Lykan Hypersport is a significant setback to one’s savings and investments at $3.4 million. But do not let the price discourage you as it has a powerful powertrain, a 3.7 L twin-turbocharged flat-six. The vehicle can accelerate to a top speed of 245 mph. It also boasts of being fitted with 420 diamonds in its Titanium LED blades, or it can be any gem the buyer likes. And as if that was not enough, manufacturers also included gold stitching and titanium to the interior of the Hypersport. Truly, this is a rich man’s car. When buying this, take note that the Arabic symbol for the number seven, considered a lucky number, was the basis for its V-shaped interior.

Lamborghini Veneno – $4.5 million

Inspired by the Aventador and released to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Lamborghini in 2013, the Veneno commands a price of $4.5 million. There were only four of these manufactured, with three for sale and one as a demo car. If you ever were one of the three who purchased, for sure home security was a significant consideration given how exclusive the car is. The Veneno was named after the most aggressive fighting bull, and true to the name, the muscle car has a bold appearance with its bullet-like shape. The vehicle is also fitted with a V12 engine that produces 740 braking horsepower. To assist the engine is the vehicle’s single-clutch automated SIR transmission and 7-speed gearbox.

Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita – $4.8 Million

This power-packed vehicle can accelerate from 0 to 62 in just 2.9 seconds once you step on the gas. The top speed is at 254 mph, making it among the fastest cars ever. And like many others on the list, the CCXR Trevita is limited-edition, as there are only two of these race cars on the roads today. The plan was to produce three, but due to time constraints and difficulty in making the vehicle, Koenigsegg decided to manufacture just the two. In the past, Koenigsegg had a preference for black carbon fiber, but this time, they experimented a bit and made this muscle car a dazzling silvery-white, by using a unique coated fiber solution. The end-product was, of course, stunning to look at and worth the $4.8 million price tag.

1953 Ferrari 340/375 – $12.7 million

What do we get when combining the chassis of a 340 race car and an F1 V12 engine? A powerful and exclusive Ferrari 340/375! Made with endurance in mind over speed, the vehicle was not that successful in race car victories. Nonetheless, inside this muscle car is a dual-magneto ignition, four choke Weber carburetors, seven main bearings, and a four-speed manual gearbox. Back in 1953, the 340/375 was king of the race track as it pushed itself to second place at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. It has been driven around by three F1 champions and traveled across America and Europe, competing and winning in various racing events. One must have a high credit score or loads of cash to own one of the three 340/375 units produced.

1964 Ferrari 250 LM – $14.3 million

This mix of a race car and sports car was designed to look spectacular. One change they did is to change the open-roof design of race cars and modified it to a closed vehicle. They also fitted it with a V12 engine that is able to maintain the car’s reliability and balance. As such, this muscle car could be used on general roads as well as on the race track. Though the 250 LM never officially raced, its owners had been given credit for winning many races. In 1964, the 250 LM was entered into various competitions and won as expected. This car is also among the most elite cars as only 250 LMs were manufactured, thus the price of $14.3 million apiece.

1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa – $16.4 million

Do not be deceived by the 250 Testa Rossa’s small frame as once you get to know its rich history and features, you might end up poring over money loan options to get a hold of one yourself. Under the hood of this race car is a SOHC V12 engine. When creating the Testa Rossa, Ferrari had stability and reliability in mind. They opted to install a four-speed manual gearbox to assist the engine. Because of these engineering combinations, the petite car can reach a top speed of 161 mph. The champion race car goes from 0 to 60 in just 6 seconds.
While it may not be as powerful as many modern cars, the Testa Rossa brings nostalgia to drivers as it was once the most successful race car ever produced.

1954 Ferrari 375-Plus – $18.4 million

The phrase “Victoria’s Secret” evokes images of sexy women lining up on the ramp—but not a controversial car. Well, this is the case when Victoria’s Secret Founder Les Wexner bought the 1954 Ferrari 375 at an auction in 2014. Apparently, there were still legal disputes on the ownership of the car, so despite Wexner paying $18.4 million for the rare find, he had to bring attorneys in to settle the issue. Fortunately, the issue was resolved before it went to trial. We would understand why Wexner wanted the car as only five of these powerful V12 engine-fitted vehicles were produced. It also has competed in known events such as the Silverstone races, 24 Hours of LeMans, and Mille Miglia.

1955 Ferrari 410 Sport – $23 million

The embodiment of rare is perhaps the 410 Sport. This vehicle was manufactured with only one goal in mind, and that is to participate and win in the Carrera Panamericana road race in Mexico. This race car was first raced by Caroll Shelby, who apart from being a race car driver was also an automotive designer and an entrepreneur. As it was custom-made for the Mexican race, the 410 Sport has a low center of gravity, drum brakes that could quickly reduce speed, and a rear suspension to channel power close to the ground. It also boasts of a powerful V12 engine, sure to maximize the gas. In the end, it did not participate in the Panamericana, but it did in other races.

1964 Ferrari 275 GTB/C Speciale – $26.4 million

Among the highly-exclusive cars, the Ferrari 275 GTB/C was produced only for three customers. This is one of the most sought after race cars as it was characterized to stand out among every other race car on the field. It has a top speech of 160 mph, taking only 6 seconds to go from 0 to 60. It has better brake ventilation than its predecessors, to allow for smooth braking. Wire wheels were used to reduce the stress caused by the grip of the tire and the engine on the spokes. It also boasts of an independent rear suspension and a transaxle gearbox. Truly, regardless of the vehicle’s age, the 275 GTB/C could still be given credit as among the best race cars in history.

1954 Mercedes Benz W196 Silver Arrow – $29.6 million

The Mercedes Benz W196 Silver Arrow draws its name from the nickname that was given to Benz race cars starting in 1934. Alfred Neubauer and the company tried to join the International Eifel Race at Nürburgring, but their vehicle was one kilo more than the required, so he proposed removing the paint, shedding the extra kilo. They won, and the name Silver Arrow became a legend. The 1954 W196 Silver Arrow was produced mainly to redefine and reimagine racing. It was inspired by aircraft, so the engineers worked on the direct injection principle. A smaller engine, with less gas consumption and weight, was then born. The W196 then became every Formula 1 driver’s dream car.

1962-63 Ferrari 250 GTO Berlinetta – $38.1 million

The most expensive car in history was put on auction by the Bonhams’ Quail Lodge Auction in California, USA on August 24, 2014. This legendary 250 GTO Berlinetta has won various races such as the 1963 Tour de France automobile. Apart from its wins, the car is also limited-edition as there were only 39 of these racers ever manufactured. This collector car has set the bar for future GT sports cars, as it combined style, speed, and engineering. The steering wheel of this vehicle is very simple, but its 3.0 V12 engine has long been given credit for stability and reliability. Packed with 302 braking horsepower, this vehicle was a legend on the racetrack in the 1960s. All these factors contribute to why someone was willing to pay $38.1 million for the vintage.

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