Unbelievable Celebrity Gender Transformations And How They Look Before And After

In our current day and age, we can clearly do almost everything that we want. Just like the old folks used to say, imagination is our limit to what we can accomplish with the help of modern science and advancements in medicine.
With that in mind, these celebrities took matters in their hands and led the way towards the elusive gender reassignment procedure. Let’s take a look at what these methods have to offer with our credit cards and see if they are really worth it if in any case, we wanted to try it ourselves. Be ready to be shocked by the awesome transformation that happened to them! Let’s get started.


The reality television star Jazz Jenning hit the spotlight right after she and her family appeared in a nationwide-broadcasted television news magazine. At an early age, she was already well-aware of what she wants for her future. She became one of the youngest notable figures in the LGBTQ community in history and her reputation reached sky-high thanks to the public appearance in her reality show I Am Jazz.
After fully making up her mind, she went on and placed the investment of her life and underwent a gender reassignment surgery that completely changed her life. She is now one of the leading advocates within the community and helps fellow people that wanted to follow the steps she took.


The singer, model and celebrity Amanda Lepore is arguably one of the most famous individuals in the LGBTQ community. She’s a well-established performing arts personality that uses her fame to help promote the overall well being of her peers.
Starting from the get-go, she always had in mind the gender she possesses and felt like she was a girl in another body. During her teenage years, she made investments for her dream after working her way towards reassignment surgery. After that, doors of opportunity opened up for her and she immediately rose through the ranks in the field of modeling and acting.


Caitlyn Jenner is probably one of the most well-known people in the LGBTQ community. But before she took the leap of faith in doing surgery to change her gender, Jenner was initially a well-decorated Olympian in the decathlon events and earned the reputation of a true All-American Hero.
After making news and headlines in the world of sports, Jenner’s life under limelight dimmed down a bit but then made a huge comeback and appeared to the world with a new personality. Well, with the fortune that she got and with all the investments she made before, Jenner can easily get this done with any hiccups.


Chaz Bono is not only a well-respected name in the world of LGBTQ community but he also made a name for himself as one of the high-profile personalities that underwent gender reassignment surgery. From the looks of things, his parents, Sonny Bono and Cher gladly supported Chaz with his endeavor.
He also has a few book credits under his name that accounts for the personal journey he had, the decisions he made and how his family accepted his personal choice. He is now one of the leading figures and the spokesperson of various movements that support the fight of his people.


Chelsea Manning was one of the famous activists and whistleblowers of modern times. She was once an intelligence analyst for the United State’s Army and became well-known after the controversies she faced with the leaked information that surrounds the activities and other significant data that involves the US military.
She faced the consequences and was even sentenced to serve jail time with the offense she made. Clearly, the information that Manning shared to WikiLeaks wasn’t supposed to be shared but even with the help of their lawyers, she and her accomplices faced certain charges and most of them are still ongoing as of this moment.


Balian Buschbaum was initially known as Yvonne Buschbaum back in the days and just like Caitlyn Jenner, he was once a well-decorated athlete. Buschbaum was one of the top pole vaulters not only in Germany but in the world. He even competed for the Olympic Games and won a couple of gold chips in the past competitions she participated. Unfortunately, even with the help of his medical insurance, Buschbaum’s career was still troubled with injuries that eventually caused her to give up his sports aspirations.
His sports journey came into an end in 2007 but that paved the way for him to transition from a female to male. Ultimately, in 2008, she underwent gender reassignment surgery that eventually completed her wonderful transformation.


The Austrian drag queen, singer and recording artist, Conchita Wurst rose to prominence thanks to her part in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 representing her country. After winning the title, she instantly became Europe’s biggest icon in the LGBT community.
Wurst clarified the air that surrounds the gender she had. She stated that when she was talking about Conchita, she preferred hearing “she” and “her” but when talking about Thomas Neuwirth, her real name, she preferred male pronouns. Her fans pretty much used her credit cards to support her endeavor and her songs were some of the top-performing songs in Europe in recent times.


The actress Trace Lysette is considered by some as one of the first trans to appear in a public with a non-trans speaking character in a primetime television program. She did this in a 2013 episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.
Lysette later starred in one of the biggest programs that showcase the lives of many trans people in Transparent. Her performance in the show paved the way for her appearance in the critically-acclaimed film Hustlers alongside some of the most famous stars in Hollywood such as  Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B, Constance Wu and others. Judging from the way her career stands, it looks like she wouldn’t need to worry herself going into bankruptcy anytime soon.


Andreja Pejic made a bold decision to step away from the shadow of doubt and tell the world that she was a trans woman in the latter part of 2013. Her choice steered her to the right path and people in the industry accepted her with full arms and she instantly became one of the top models in the world. It is also safe to say that she’s one of the famous transgender models on the face of the planet.
From the looks of things, she’s currently enjoying her lifelong dream of becoming a real woman not only in appearance but in paper as well. We have to give her huge credit for the effort and the guts that she showed!


Right before we were introduced with the character of Carmelita Rainer in the primetime series Dirty Sexy Money during the late 2000s as the other party in the life of the New York Attorney General Patrick Darling, the actress Candis Cayne used to appear in nightclubs as a drag queen since the late 80s and the dawn of the 90s. Cayne later revealed that she’s a trans in 1996 and that proved to change her life for the better.
Unlike most people that don’t want to cross the line and announce to the public their gender, she embraced it and that earned her respect from some of her peers in and around the LGBT community.


Carmen Carrera may not be the biggest and brightest star on this list but she clearly earned her spot as one of the most beautiful and talented transwomen in the industry. She rose to prominence as part of the reality competition show RuPaul’s Drag Race as a contestant for the show’s third season.
After the show ended, she went on and started her complete transition from being a man to a full-fledged woman with the help of a gender reassignment surgery. She’s now taking care of her credit score by working as a model and actress and showgirl, and from the looks of things, she seems pretty satisfied with her choice.


Ian Harvie is a known comedian and a trans man. He rose to public attention after he appeared in the web program Transparent. Early on in his life, he already knew what he wanted to become in life – to become a full-fledged man. With that goal in mind, he worked tirelessly to win the acceptance of his parents and most of his peers around his community.
At the age of thirty-two, he achieved his life-long dream after putting up huge investments of time, money, and effort to his ambition. His choice clearly paid off in the long run and he became successful and free from the shackles that bound him to his past.


A couple of years ago, Gigi Gorgeous made big news around the LGBTQ community after she got detained in a national airport in Dubai by airport officials and immigration officers because of her gender. That issue made a huge ruckus and to a point that Gigi’s camp was already considering hiring a lawyer and taking the matter into the legal side of things.
Fortunately, things settled down but that incident raised global awareness for LGBTQ communities about the status of certain countries and their take about their gender choices. She recently released her memoir, He Said, She Said: Lessons, Stories, and Mistakes From My Transgender Journey.


Model and actress Isis King became a public figure when she appeared in the 11th and 17th cycle of America’s Next Top Model as the first trans woman to appear in the show. As she recalls, King was born male but felt like she was a girl trapped in a boy’s body.
She went on and got her degree in design and illustration and moved into New York with hopes of earning big for her transition. However, she almost fell into bankruptcy and moved into a homeless center for LGBTQ youths. On the bright side, this was where she learned most things in life and helped her with her journey to become a full-fledged woman.


Jenna Talackova successfully marked her name in history books after she competed for the Miss Universe Canada back in 2012. However, it wasn’t anything like a walk in the park-kind of experience. In fact, she resorted to legal battles and even hired a well-known lawyer to help her reach her dream.
Their battle didn’t go to waste and she got her shot on the crown after a well-fought argument with the pageant committee. Even President Donald Trump, a former key figure in the Miss Universe Organization stated that Talackova meets all the standards set and she can freely compete in the pageant.


The actress Amiyah Scott is a vital piece of the puzzle behind the success of LGBTQ communities in our current society. She was one of the first trans women to portray a non-trans character in the history of television. Her presence in social media is also top-notch and he has tons of followers across many social media platforms.
Aside from acting, she is currently busy giving inspirational talks and uplifting the mind and the spirit of her fellow LGBTQ members. A true advocate that uses her fame and status to promote and educate people about love and acceptance for all trans people out there. She truly deserves big credit for that.


Many of the LGBT peers out there thought that from the day they were born, they weren’t given any applicable choices on what the gender they want to possess and that’s exactly what Janet Mock felt back in the day. She’s a known LGBTQ personality in the field of publication and her influence can also be seen in some of her projects where she worked as a director and producer.
Right in the middle of her journey of earning herself a degree, she then saved up a little bit of money and flew into Thailand where she became a full-fledged woman. All her guts helped her to get to the situation where she is right now and she uses this tool to advocate proper rights and to voice out the demands of the LGBTQ community.


Laverne Cox is not only a known actress and LGBTQ advocate but she’s pretty much considered one of the most gorgeous trans personalities currently. Her role in the comedy-drama series Orange Is the New Black helped boost her Hollywood stock and catapulted her towards the spotlight.
Though she’s a known figure in the field of LGBTQ activism and advocacies, there is little news about her transition. Probably because she was very good at keeping her private life in check. Not to mention, she most likely has a solid home security system and curious fans that wanted to keep tabs of her personal life were kept from her lawn.


Jake Zyrus might not be the name that we hear every day but we bet with our credit cards that you guys have heard Charice and her angelic voice. Yes, you got that right, he was Charise a couple of months ago. Her name became famous after she appeared on Oprah, where she wowed everyone with her powerful and excellent singing prowess.
Now that Charice has fully transitioned herself as Jake Zyrus, he pretty much has the support of all his fans and most of his peers in the industry. He’s still singing the hits he produced back when he was still a woman but this time, he does it with a man’s voice!


At an early age, Kim Petras’ parents already knew based on the signs that they got that Kim was really a girl in a boy’s body. She then started her transition to becoming a full-fledged woman in her early teens and that process was widely publicized by a couple of German television networks and current affairs shows.
All her hard work, dedication, and their hiring of lawyers to push her early transition all paid off. Now, she’s one of the most successful models and Petras also has a solid career in singing. From the looks of things, she has a bright future ahead of her.


If you are a health and fitness enthusiast and you spend most of your time reading health magazines and YouTube videos, you have probably seen or read a couple of things about Aydian Dowling. If not, don’t worry and it is not the end of the world, we’ll give you that information.
He is a trans man that strives in the world of men and we have to give him huge credit for her effort and he single-handedly carries his weight. He also runs a YouTube channel where he shares his thoughts, his stand, and everything in between about his LGBTQ journey.


Music lovers out there, especially those who love punk rock probably heard a thing or two about Laura Jane Grace and her band. Her band called Against Me! not only gave her fame and fortune but it also paved the way for her transition from being a man to a woman.
For those who don’t know, one of her fans in Against Me! sparked the desire for her to fully accept her destiny and embrace the wind of change. She also gives that fan a huge credit for letting her realize what she truly wanted in life and that’s a huge life-changing decision!


After transitioning, Yasmine Petty became one of the most gorgeous personalities in the modeling world from the perspective of the LGBTQ communities. Her stunning features and unparalleled charisma was one of her biggest assets why most fashion companies and editorial magazines can’t keep their hands off her. Even giant modeling players such as Louis Vuitton, Vogue Italia and The New York Fashion Week were always on her list of projects.
She pretty much did it all already and there are very few things that are left for her to uncover. That’s how successful Petty became in recent years. She still has plenty of gas left in her tank and we can expect more from her in the coming years.


Leandra Medeiros Cerezo or professionally known as Lea T is a transgender advocacy icon and a famous fashion model. She made her first runway back in 2011 during São Paulo Fashion Week. She later became one of the leading faces of the modeling giants Benetton, Givenchy and Philipp Plein.
Lea T was featured in a couple of editorial magazines including Vogue Paris, Interview, Numero and Love. After earning a considerable amount of money, she went on to complete her transformation in 2012 in Thailand. At first, she wasn’t satisfied with the result but after the dust settled, Lea changed her mind about the investment that changed her life forever.


Raffi Freedman-Gurspan rose as a prominent figure and as the first publicly known transgender to work in the White House. Her influence in the LGBTQ community didn’t go to waste and she became one of the top personalities when it comes to pushing the rights of her people and finding their place in our society.
All of her knowledge about her craft was a by-product of her degree in political science and she took full advantage of this to her daily work and became pretty effective with it. Even today, she’s still a key figure for the community and their advocacies.


Made a couple of milestones as a model and actress back in the days. During the 1980s, she starred in the James Bond film, For Your Eyes Only. She later revealed to the public about her gender and in 1991, she made another significant mark in history as the first transgender that appeared and modeled for Playboy magazine.
She achieved many feats in the industry; it also didn’t come without any issues and controversies. One of which was her long-time legal battle for her rights to marry and to consider her as a woman. To some extent, lawyers even intervened and helped her reach her goal.

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