Travel Cheap To The Hottest Destinations In The World Using These Tips

They say if you are going to dream something, you should dream big. The same thing goes when you create a travel bucket list. You should pick the hottest travel destinations, no matter how expensive it will be. You will surely find a way to go to these places without needing a loan, using your own money. How?

Here are some travel experts’ bits of advice about how they managed to travel cheap and afford to go to the most amazing and most expensive places in the world without breaking the bank. So, read ahead, get some tips, and start planning for your next dream trip.


Japan is surely on many people’s travel bucket list. A lot wants to travel here and experience its culture and witness its skyscrapers. Of course, it’s also famous for its cold weather, not to mention cherry blossoms. Some of the hottest destinations here are Nikko and Japan, but as there are famous sites, it comes with a high price. So, how can you save credits here?

When commuting, try shared shuttle services as these are much cheaper than riding a cab alone. You can also enjoy staying at the Skytree complex, eat at Solamachi Kunimi and enjoy its views of the tower, explore the Pokemon center, visit Sumida aquarium, and go up to Skytree Observation Deck to watch the sunset.


Italy is one of the most famous travel destinations all over the world. A lot of people are dreaming of being here. From the Grand Canal of Venice to the Leaning Tower of Pisa to the Italian Opera in Verona and more, there are a lot of places to visit here. However, this is also one of the most expensive travel destinations.

So, if you want to save up and never max out your credit card when visiting here, you should choose to go to Italy on off-peak season. But if you want to try its great weather in the fall/spring, you should start planning your trip six months in advance and find the cheapest rental place that you can find. You can also go to a group so that you can divide the expenses.


Maldives is a paradise that everyone wants to visit. It used to be a billionaire’s getaway until it opens its door to budget travelers. Just like other places, when the demand is high, everything here comes with a high price. So, you should go here on the off-season, like from July to September, when rates are low and more affordable. You will also find the beach all to yourself as there are no too many people. The place is not crowded.

So, plan ahead your money management and check where is the best place to stay in Maldives that will suit your budget. You can find a room here for $20 and a meal for just $10 that will never deplete your savings account.


Alberta is every adventure traveler’s dream destination. It holds the five pristine national parks, a pool of outdoor activities, the sumptuous food, rich and colorful culture, and the iconic North American wildlife. The Canadian Province also gets credits for its jaw-dropping landscapes. It looks good in any season, but it usually gets crowded in the summer.

So, if you’re planning to go here, you should opt for the shoulder season flights, when fares tend to be relatively low. Hotel deals are cheaper at this time, between mid-March to mid-June and late September to mid-December. From here, you can already save hundreds of dollars.