Going For A Long Trip? Here’s How You Can Save Money So That You Can Go Farther

If you are planning to travel for a long time, you should expect that it is nowhere like a short-term trip. There are a lot of things to have to consider here, but most probably the budget. Will you get a loan or from your savings?

If you go for a quick trip, you only have to pack light stuff; you can even compromise your sleep to wander the new place you are in, try all the foods and drinks that you want, and even sleep in a five-star hotel. However, you cannot do these things when you are going on a long trip, especially if you need to follow a budget.

So, here are the things you have to follow if you want to save money and stick on a budget if you have to stay long for a trip.


You can save a lot of money if you cook for yourself instead of eating out all the time. Imagine the price you have to pay for every meal, and you have to do it thrice a day – or five times if you include afternoon snacks and midnight snacks. Imagine how much will this cost a day for, let’s say, five days? You may also find it hard to resist getting yourself a cup of coffee or that drooling dessert.

Now, imagine if you buy stuff from the grocery and cook your own food, it’s much cheaper, right? Here, you can stick to your budget and cook what you want without maxing out your credit card.


When the demand is high, the price is higher. The same thing goes for traveling. Traveling on the high or peak season, like Christmas, New Year, spring break, and the summer come with a high price. So, if it is possible not to travel these times, you can surely save up on your airline ticket.

Also, on off-peak seasons, airlines offer discounts, promos, and other freebies or amenities so that they can attract tourists. Hotels, too, do the same. There are also discounted tours that you can avail of. So, if you want to travel on a budget and maximize the funds that you got without ruining your credit score, you should avoid traveling on peak seasons.



The place you will stay will also have a significant cut on your budget. So, if you only need a place to sleep, you may opt for hostels or even a room for rent. You can also try Airbnb as it is more affordable than staying in a hotel. If you are in a group, Airbnb also comes handy and cheaper, of course.

If you are worried about your safety as there will be no security guards to guard your area, make sure that the place you will sleep in has a home security system. This way, you will feel safe knowing that your quarter is secured.


When traveling, you should look for a place where your money will take you farther. Becca and Dan from Half Half Travel blog revealed that they use the Price of Travel website to compare the cost of travel in different places. This is a good tool if you like to create a budget plan and stick to it.

Also, you do your research to know how much your money will cost when you exchange it with their currency. You should also know how much you may spend on a day of staying there from the food to transportation. You surely won’t want to touch on your investment in case you get short of money.



If you are traveling on a budget, you do not have to join all the tourist activities that come with expensive tickets. You can still enjoy the country that you are in, even if you do not do so. How? Find free tours and activities in the area, and you will surely find one.

You can do a photo walk and explore that place you are in by enjoying its surroundings. Enjoy nature and art. Find museums that have free admissions. You can also appreciate the famous architecture of that country or the historical buildings or places. There are a lot of things that you can do without needing money loans.