Bring Out The Wanderlust In You And Explore These Countries This 2020

It’s not yet too late to start your travel adventure this year. The year 2020 starts a new decade, so it is the best time for you to begin a new journey of your own. Whether you want to visit the Big Apple in the United States or the see Buckingham Palace in the United Kingdom or feel the heat of summer in Asia, there is a perfect place for you.

So, pack up your things, including those gadgets, as we’ve round up the best places you can go to bring out the wanderlust in you. Without further ado, start practicing your that money management skills and ready your budget to fly in these countries.


Galway, Ireland, was named the European Capital of Culture for 2020, along with Rijeka, Croatia, and it’s not surprising why. This place looks very charming and vibrant and is known for its lively cultural events in music, theater, literature, and art. Aside from its rich culture, it also has terrific cuisine that will surely satisfy your taste buds. But it will not only fill your stomach as it will also make your eyes full with its beautiful scenery with its cobblestone streets and rocky landscapes. Surely, houses here have sturdy flooring due to the materials it has when building homes.


Dubai, United Aram Emirates, needs no introduction. You probably heard of this place time and over again. Aside from being a great nation to work in, this place is also known for being the “metropolis of the future.

Despite being famous for being a sprawling desert city, it boasts several luxury hotels, lavish malls, and even has the tallest building in the world. This year, the country is also set to host the first World Expo that will be held in the Middle East. Almost 200 countries will join the event to reveal their latest developments in sustainability and transportation. Hence, this may be the best time not just to travel but to make investments in this field.


The British Virgin Islands is now redeeming itself after being hit by a devastation hurricane in 2017. The year 2020 looks bright for the county as it’s now back on its feet and reopening many of its best resorts. So, it’s time to bring out those two-piece and dive in the water under the Caribbean sun.

Whether you want to take advantage of the country’s crystal blue waters or explore its picture-perfect green mountains across the islands, you will surely have the best travel experience here. You can even do both, just prepare your credit card, for that ultimate travel goal.


Japan holds a lot of beautiful places for you to explore this 2020. A lot of people are waiting for the cherry blossom festival here. Who doesn’t want to see those flowers blooming in front of you? It’s a majestic view that a lot of people are dreaming of witnessing.

However, if you want to join the crown and only wander the country on your own in a serene and beautiful place, the city of Nikko is for you. This place is rich with a cultural history that will surely catch your interest. It also has lovely views of mountains, national forests, and hot springs that you can enjoy without leaving in bankruptcy.


Did you know that Bangkok, Thailand, is the world’s most visited city of 2019? It doesn’t only happen once but for four consecutive times! How interesting. Now, you want to know why?

Thailand is famous for its vibrancy. Its capital city is booming, credits to its ancient and modern culture – not to mention its sumptuous street food. Here, you don’t have to eat in those fancy restaurants as you can find all the delicious delicacies on the street, and at a very affordable price, you’ll be surprised. There are a lot of places to visit here, from historic temples to the famous floating market, where you can find the best delectable eats.