8 Best Tips That Will Help You Find The Cheapest Flights This Year

If you’re planning to go out of the country but worrying that airfare is going to break your bank account, fear not because there are a lot of ways that you can save money and find the most affordable flights. There is no need for you to apply for a loan that will create another problem where you will get the money to pay for it.

With a lot of airline deals out there, your dream to go to, let’s say, Maldives or Paris or any part of the world will surely come true. So, here are the best eight tips you have to follow to find the cheapest flights this 2020.


There are a lot of myths about finding the most affordable flight, but please believe that those are not true. Do you want to know what the common myths are? It is not true that you’ll find affordable airfare every Tuesday, or any specific day. No evidence going incognito will help you find a good deal, either.

The airlines now use advanced computers and pricing algorithms so that they can determine the ticket prices based on the time of the year, demand, weather, events or festivals, time, other competitors’ prices, and a lot of more.

So what’s the most effective way to find one that will suit your credit card limit? Read the next tip.


Airline ticket prices also depend on the day, time, and holidays. Expect it to be more expensive on the holidays or any major events or festivals that the country you want to visit have. The weather is also to be considered.

So if you decide to go in the time that everyone is traveling, your ticket will inevitably cost more. Hence, you have to be flexible for the date you want to fly. You should choose the time when fewer people are going to a particular place that you want to visit. In this case, the demand is low, and the airline ticket is cheaper; it won’t put a bad record on your credit report.


If you can be flexible about your travel date, you, too, shouldn’t be picky about the place you want to go to. There’s a big chance that you will find cheaper air flights if you combine these two attitudes. Hence, you can have your best trip.

You should try airline search engines like Skyscanner, Momondo, and Google Flights to see the best deal there is. These sites have “explore tools” that you can use to compare different destinations, where you can save more money. You may find a place that may not be your first choice but is budget-friendly, and that will surely work on you and your credit score.


Fortunately, budget airlines are a thing of today. They can now cater to long-haul routes, giving you the chance to fly around the world without maxing your credit card out. Some of the budget airlines that you can try are Norwegian Airlines and AirAsia. Indian and Middle Eaters airlines also have affordable flights that will bring you throughout the subcontinent and Africa.

The catch is, you may not feel the most comfort, but who cares? You’re not going to stay there anyway. You will just be there for a ride. Anyhow, you can pay for premium upgrades if you have the budget, but if you’re only flying for a couple of hours and going to save up a considerable amount of money, why bother?


If you already managed to be flexible with time and not picky with the place, you can also try to choose connecting flights instead of direct flights. Why? It’s cheaper. Although it means longer hours of flying, you can save hundreds of dollars for it.

For example, you can fly to Paris from the U.S. by going to Dublin first for $600 then getting another flight to Paris for $60. That is a total of only $660 compared to a $900 direct trip from the U.S. to Paris, giving you a $240 saving. This extra amount can be your pocket money or even add up to your investment while traveling.


If you are already planning to fly, you should sign up for airline newsletters so that you will be updated on any exclusive deals. According to Nomadic Matt, sale flights are only available for a limited time, like for only 24 hours. So, if you’re not subscribed to these newsletters and not even browsing the net for deals, you will surely miss it all out.

To some degree, they also offer frequent flier bonuses, and the points and miles you get can turn into a free flight or premium upgrades. You can also visit these sites, Airfarewatchdog, The Flight Deal, Holiday Pirates, Scott’s Cheap Flights, Secret Flying, to find the best travel deals.


If you’re a student, or younger than 26, you can use your student discount to save from airline tickets. There is usually a 20 to 30-percent off from the standard fare, and that’s already a huge saving. You should try travel agencies, like STA Travel or Flight Centre, which will help you find an affordable airline ticket.

Student discounts are also transferable to airline partners, like on Deltar, KLM, and Air France. If you want to know which airlines offer student discounts, you can visit their website or call them to ask. You may have to take advantage of your electricity here by searching.


If you’re a frequent flyer, you should sign up for a travel rewards card. The rewards programs airlines have today give avid travelers the chance to earn free flights, travel perks, and free hotel accommodation. That will surely be a huge savings if you get one.

You can enjoy flight upgrades, welcome bonuses, and credits for rideshares like Uber, access to airport lounges, and more. Getting this is also for free, so you don’t have to shell out extra money to have one. So whether you’re a frequent or occasional traveler, you should get a travel rewards card. Who knows, you may travel the world for a little cost with your points and miles.