7 Tips From 10 Female Bloggers About Traveling On A Budget

There are myths around traveling solo, especially if you’re a woman. The number one concern, of course, will be your safety. No one will watch behind your back, making you more vulnerable to the evildoers. Some may say that it will also make you feel lonely, mainly if you don’t often travel alone.

Credits to these people who are worrying about you, they are just concern. But, there are a lot of ways that you can make yourself safe when you travel alone.

These ten female bloggers, who are frequently traveling solo, will give you the best advice, from packing to eating, to keep yourself safe, and, of course, how to stick to your budget and save money.



Ashley Fleckenstein, who handles the Ashley Abroad website, worked as an au pair in France to have a place to stay and some extra cash. In this work, she typically did the cooking, cleaning the house, and caring for the children.

By having a place to stay like this, she got the chance to explore a particular area further. However, it would also mean that you have to stay a little while for the job. Anyhow, it’s a good thing that you don’t have to apply for any loans if you travel solo. You can either have a room or your own apartment.


You can also have free accommodation if you work as a housesitter. This is what Burger Abroad owner, Amanda Burger, did. Before she decided to travel alone, she was a fulltime, professional housesitter. Hence, she is used to housesitting that she already made it a barter system now. Thus, she doesn’t have to use her credit cards and worry that she may max it all out.

Although this sounds good, Burger advised that you should be prepared for the amount of responsibility involved in this work. At times, there are pets involved, so it is a plus point if you’re an animal lover.



If you have no plans working while you’re traveling solo, you should choose a hostel to save a huge amount of money. Rocky Travel’s Michela Fantinela suggested women who will be going alone to prefer staying in a hostel. Here, they have the chance to meet other people and socialize with fellow travelers – regardless if they are solo or a group. Staying in hostels is more affordable than staying in hotels. Anyhow, they surely have a home security system, too, to keep everyone safe.


If you want to be adventurous but afraid to do it on your own as you’re traveling solo, you can join overland tours. Helen Davies from Helen in Wonderlust website did these things for a few months while she was in Africa.

As Africa has a lot of remote places, it may be quite scary to visit these areas alone. Aside from having a group with you, overland tours also offer built-in transport, accommodations, and, of course, social connections. Your budget will depend on the location, and you should help with the chores as part of the tour. To some degree, it will make you feel like you’re traveling with your friends or family.



Be My Travel Muse’s Kristin Addis suggested that solo travelers should only bring a carry-on so that they could avoid overpacking. Aside from that, they could also save on baggage fees, avoid losing luggage/s and save time when you arrive.

The Blonde Abroad’s Kiersten Rich, on the other hand, added that they should also pack solid-colored clothing only that could be paired to any outfits so that you could maximize its use. If you run out of clothes, you can do your own laundry and use your place’s electricity, which may be cheaper than paying for extra luggage.


Gloria Atanmo from The Blog Abroad said that being not picky or having the flexibility is the key when traveling. When traveling alone, she tends to buy a one-way ticket only so that she can easily change her plans whenever she wants to.

Also, Bucket List Journey’s author and blogger Annette White suggests to travel with an itinerary but don’t make it too strict. Also, make sure that you have travel insurance.



If you’re traveling alone, you should know the average cost of your transportation. Girl Unspotted’s Erica Villas revealed that she was ripped off by the cab driver in the place she visited. So, if you want to avoid this from happening to you, you should know the amount that you have to pay when commuting.

Also, you should research where you can exchange currency without paying a considerable amount. Renuka Walter of Voyager added that costly transportation could reflect a big cut on your budget, especially if you’re doing a credit report.