5 Surprisingly Affordable And Budet-Friendly Countries

Asia is the largest continent in the world. It has 48 countries that offer different cultures, cuisine, beautiful landscapes, and more. A lot of things can be seen here. It varies to have remote villages, world-class cities, different cultural treasures, and history, among others, that tourists want to learn and witness.

It may be considered to be the most travel destination in the world, but some here, like Singapore, Japan, and UAE, quite expensive. However, contrary to these places, some are surprisingly affordable. You don’t have to touch your investment to fund your trip.

So, here are the five most budget-friendly countries that you can visit in Asia.


Vietnam is a famous country to visit amongst budget travelers. Almost everything here is affordable; you have no reason to max out your credit card. You can get cheap accommodation here, inexpensive transportation, food, and drinks.

However, you have to guard yourself against scammers in this country. You have to check your change as some sellers may take advantage of tourists and try to haggle for prices as much as you can to get the best deals.

The best places to visit here are Old Quarter, Hoan Kiem Lake, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Perfume Pagoda, Ho Chi Minh City, Hoi An, Sapa, Da Lat, and the island of Phu Quoc. For less than $60 a day, you already have a place to sleep, food to eat, and daily budget to get you through the day.


Malaysia is one of the hottest holiday destinations in Southeast Asia due to its surprisingly affordable prices. It boasts great infrastructure that will make your stay in the capital of Kuala Lumpur historically worth it. It is also much easier to wander the area compared to other countries. The transportation cost is already relatively low, and your financial advisor will be happy for it.

You also don’t have to shell out a lot of money here to enjoy its activities. You can visit its national parks rich with wild animals, sandy shores, rolling hills, old towns, and modern cities. You can also taste its rich cuisine when you visit Penang. Some of the great places you can visit here are Langkawi Island, Kuala Lumpur, Cameron Highlands, Perhentian Islands, Johor Bahru, Genting Highlands, Malacca, and Ipoh

A room here will only cost you $10.60 or 43 MYR, while the meal will be about $2.45 or 10 MYR, and your daily budget only needs to be $41 or 165 MYR.


Budget travelers will surely have fun in Nepal. Almost everything comes at a low cost. Room rates are cheap and activities, whether paid or not, will surely give you a new kind of experience. However, there are still some that are costly, like pleasure flights over Mount Everest, trek to Base Camp, and longer guided hikes due to very understandable reasons. But visiting this place doesn’t need to be at a high price.

You can enjoy its wonderful views. You will also have fun going to its top destinations, like Annapurna Circuit, Kathmandu, Chitwan National Park, Pokhara, Lumbini, and a lot more. For only $11.80, you already have room to stay, and you can be assured that it has a home security system to keep you safe. Also, for only $1.80, you already have a meal, while your daily budget can be as low as $27.


In a country full of colors and vibrant, you will never think that India is an affordable place to visit, but it is. This place is rich with culture, stunning diverse landscapes, delicious cuisine, breathtaking buildings, and a myriad of adventures to do. What more can you ask for?

You can enjoy the views of Kashmir, feel the tropic-weather of Kerala, and walk the sublime beaches of Goa. India is also famous for its own version of Hollywood, Bollywood. It is a Hindi cinema that can be found in Mumbai. If you want to have spiritual lessons, Varanasi is the place for you. Other places that you can explore here are Delhi, Agra (home of the iconic Taj Mahal), Jaipur, Rishikesh, and much more.

You will surely be far from bankruptcy here, as for only $11, you will already have a budget hotel room, $1.50 for a meal, and only $35.50 budget for a day.


Sri Lanka is rich with natural treasures, sandy beaches, and abundant culture. Although sleeping, eating, and traveling are fairly cheap here, some activities and attractions here come at a high price. Admission fees for attractions, like national parks and the famed Sigiriya Rock, are quite expensive here. But for the experience, every centime is worth it.

You can enjoy watching the wildlife, like elephants, leopards, monkeys, loris, dugongs, porcupines, bats, birds, and a lot more, like the ones you see in some online classes. You can also explore the places of Kandy, Ella, Galle, Colombo, Dalawella, and Tangalla. Here, a room will only cost you $10.50, while a meal is priced at about $1.60. You can already enjoy yourself for a $41 daily budget.