4 Suggestions From Travel Experts That Will Help You Find The Cheapest Flights There Is

Thanks to the advancement of technology today, everything in life is now improved, including finding the cheapest flights. Now, you only have to take advantage of the electricity, turn on your computer, and search for the most affordable airline that you can find to go from one place to another.

With the help of a search engine, you can quickly compare airline ticket prices, hotel accommodations, and even dinner reservations so that you can choose what will work best on your budget. So, to help you more with your research to find the most affordable flights, here are the five suggestions from travel experts.


If you’re going to follow a budget, you should think of the money you can spend before you choose your destination. The first thing you have to think of if you’re planning of traveling is your budget – how much money you can spend from the airline ticket to food to emergency spending and whatnots.

Scott Keyes, the founder of the flight deal website Scott’s Cheap Flights, suggested that you should look for flights within your budget. You might use your credit card here but make sure that your payment for this is already included in your budget so it would never be a problem. You should make the price of your travel your first priority so that everything will run smoothly.


When you’re planning for a trip, searching for the cheapest flight will be taking a major of your time. According to Keyes, airfare is becoming a stressful part of traveling because there are tons of options that you can find.

Keyes advised that to find the most reasonable flight is to know where to look for it. If you end up not looking in a proper place, you will surely miss it. Just like an investment, you have to invest your time in looking for the cheapest flight. You can try Google Flights or Kayak, which can send you price alerts for the destinations you choose.


Keyes understands that there is a great pressure when choosing the best flight deal. Nobody knows how an airline’s flight price will last or if it’s its best deal. Although you may want to wait and find a better deal by searching for other flights, there are some instances that you should take a leap and grab the best deal you saw immediately.

Make sure your card is not under credit card processing so that you can book that flight easily and you won’t miss the deal. It is also a rule of thumb to book your flight a month if it’s only a local flight and two months if it’s international flight before your travel date.


If you want to save up from your accommodation, you should look for the affordable ones. You can ditch staying in a hotel by choosing some alternatives like Airbnb, Damon Dominique, co-founder and co-host of Shut Up and Go, suggested. However, you should make sure that the place you’re going to stay is safe, especially that renting a house or a room doesn’t come with a security guard. There must be a home security system that will assure of your safety, as this needs to be your top priority.

In using Airbnb, you can read previous users’ reviews so that you can be 100 percent sure of the place. It also has profile verifications where you can see the host’s government-issued ID and their profile to make sure you’re safe.