4 Important Tips To Save Up If You’re Traveling Solo

Once in a while, you should experience the art of traveling solo. However, you should be ready not just physically and mentally but financially, too. Traveling alone can make a huge damage on your bank account. You cannot share expenses or divide the amount of a room into two as you will go alone yourself. Hence, you need a bigger budget.

So, to avoid touching your savings or even your investments, here are the four important tips that you can use to save up on your solo travel and not to shell out a huge amount of money.



There are times that you have to avoid some places because of the demand or season. Let’s say if you want to go to Japan to witness its famous cherry blossom, you can expect the airline ticket prices to be high, as well as the accommodation and other stuff that comes with it.

So, if you’re not picky of the place you want to go and the time you want to travel, you can save up a huge amount of money, avoiding opting for loans. You can travel in a less demanding time. By this, people will fewer, giving you the chance to explore the place more.


There are a lot of places in every city where you can find a free attraction to visit – take advantage of this thing. Also, you can find free activities that are donation-based, so it will never make your account empty or even bring you to bankruptcy.

You can find these things when you do your assignment, like research, read newspapers or local magazine, visit their websites, and track all the museums that you can visit free in the place. Although doing these things will surely take you a lot of time, the money you can save from here is totally worth it.


According to Shontel Horne of Travel Noire, when she went to Johannesburg, she felt thrilled when she saw a lot of deals on Groupon tours, restaurants, and activities. Using this, she managed to take part in the Color Run and even got a personal tour of the SAB World of Beer museum for just a fraction of its regular price.

So, if you’re traveling solo and in a budget, you should take advantage of these sites so that you will never exhaust your credit card to its maximum limit. It will be a huge savings for you, and big help to your savings account.


When you’re traveling, especially if you’re going solo, accommodation will take a huge cut on your budget. So, you should find ways how to lessen your accommodation price or even have it for free. How? Trade your work for lodging!

It may be not financially wise to rent a room, a hotel, or even do Airbnb as you only need a place to sleep.  You will be exploring and wandering the country you visit most of the time, so it may be more economical if you work in exchange of a place to stay. Your financial advisor, too, will surely recommend this move.