3 Best Places To Visit To See The Northern Lights And Personal

You are probably dreaming of seeing the Northern Lights dancing across the sky up close and personal, but that means you have to travel to the best places that you can witness this natural phenomenon.

Your best chance to witness aurora borealis is on clear and night sky in the seasons of fall, winter, or early spring. However, its visibility depends on the weather and other conditions, but the major key is the place.

They said you’ll only have the best view of the Northern Light if you go farther north and in high latitude. So, ask your financial advisor for advice about your budget, as here are the best places you should visit if you want to personally see this natural light display in the sky.


Fairbanks in Alaska is located in the auroral oval, the ring-shaped area around the North Pole. This is considered to be one of the best places in the world to witness the Northern Lights, which can be seen from August to May and will be more visible between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m.

However, you have to remember that the lights are unpredictable and cannot be easily seen. You have to patiently wait and look for it over a period of time. Even experts don’t know when it will exactly come out. So, you need to have good flooring so that the wait will be more bearable.

Fortunately, there are places the offer guided tours so that you’ll never be alone when you’re looking for the aurora borealis. If this is not your style, you can simply rent a room and go on your own every night to see it for yourself.

Experts with TripAdvisor Vacation Rentals suggested Moose Walk Cabin. It is a waterfront rental home that you can find in Fairbanks, so you can enjoy watching the sky at night while waiting for the Northern Lights to come out. Aside from that, you can enjoy hiking, snowmobiling, and four-wheels trailing in the morning with the cabin’s easy access. This place will not just keep you safe with its home security system but entertained too.


Tromso is located slightly north of Arctic Circle and also part of the auroral ring. Northern Lights can be best seen here between October and mid-March, and it also holds the annual Northern Lights Festival in January. It is the time when both the locals and tourists celebrate with live music, special outdoor activities, and other fun events here, so you can expect that traveling here at this time is quite pricier – you may end up opting for a loan.

If you stay here, you can rent a room at Fjosen, a renovated oceanfront barn. It has floor-to-ceiling windows that will give you the view of Ersfjordbotn, also known as the northern lights fjord and the mountains.

You can also try Borgvaag on the Water, a one-bedroom rental on Lofoten Islands, which is above the Arctic Circle. This place will give you 36-degree views of the winter aurora borealis. If this place is not enough, you can go to the Polarlight Centre Lofoten in Lauvkvik, where you can find the equipment that can track the magnetic activity of lights that will give you the idea when you can finally see the Northern Lights.

Hattvika Lodge, also on Lofoten Islands, lastly, will give you a good look at the Ballstad fishing harbor in the morning, and if the nature permits, an incredible view of the aurora borealis in the evening.


Iceland is also one of the best places to see the Northern Lights. Here, you can see the pink, purple, and green hues dancing on the night sky in front of you. The best time to see it here is from August to April and sometimes in the early part of May. To know your best chance to see it, you can also check the forecast before you go.

Here, you can rent one of the two villas at Marta House in Selfoss, near Reykjavik, to wait for the aurora borealis to come out. In the winter, you can try to look for it from Viking Cottage, a one-bedroom rental that receives credits for having a good view of the bay in Akureyri. During the summer season, you can also see the midnight sun from here.

If you want to have a scenic view of the Atlantic Ocean, the surrounding mountains, and, if you’re lucky enough, the Northern Lights, you can try Brekka Cottage in Reykjavik. In Iceland, “Brekka” means slope. Hence, it is a slope cottage sitting on the hillside that will give you the perfect view of the dancing lights.

Here, you can try the Iceland Winter Adventure during the day – we’re not just sure if you can use your credit cards here. The REI Adventure tour offers different outdoor activities, like snowshoeing on the lava fields, hiking on the glaciers, and witnessing the frozen waterfalls and bubbling hot springs. In the evening, your tour guides will lead you to a trip where you can see the Northern Lights.